deb my heart aches for you, love-
as i count the days until your return,
i almost don't want to let my heart
believe it's true-
all these "what if"s float in my mind,
and i believe i would break
if you somehow could not come to me.
my arms miss the feel of you-
my lips cannot wait to meet yours
once more-

in sixteen days i will be your wife
and i'm not even afraid-

i know in my heart i won't lose you
we'll always be together,
and happy, mostly.

until that day so far from now,
until i am truly yours,
i wait in happy silence,
my knees bouncing,
that quirky grin playing at
the corners of my mouth-
because i know i'm yours
and it's only 16 days until
i can SHOUT it to the world!!
16 days, and i just know
they won't go fast enough-
megan the age i am now, it's such a gangly age, sixteen. long stalks for legs, not quite formed into the voluptorous feminine masterpieces they are meant to be... hair always half curled, half straight in the attempt to get that sideways look from the boy out in the hall. drinking only to get drunk, cuz all your friends do it, sex on the weekend, or whenever you can get it, simply because you can. a car and lipstick and trying to eat things that are "healthy" even though you know that you'll have a piece of pizza at the party saturday. 021108
distorted tendencies 27. And those slow winter days which fell upon me.

let's take it slow
and slow
and slow

i want this to be perfection
squint anything but gangly for me.

Fits better than fifteen.

bubble gum and pink frosting.

not me, just the number, I think.
lyrical reference system sixteen
No Doubt
tragic kingdom

You've been a juvenile
With a dolphin smile
With no elbow room
With your body in bloom
You've had your little backyard
Protected by big walls
You didn't dare look over
'Cause you've been too small

Now you're finally sixteen
And you feelin' old
But they won't believe
That you got a soul
'Cause you're only sixteen
And you're feeling real
But you can't seem to cop a feel

Why do they have to force us
Through this metamorphose
Little butterfly
No matter how you try
You'll be segregated
You're gonna be closed off
You're callow and you're green
'Cause you're caught between

You're only sixteen
Try to cross the line
But your little wings are intertwined
You're only sixteen
And you're such a tease
And there's nothing you do
That can really please

"These children
They're not really bad most of them
They're just products
Of rotten neighborhoods
And bad family situations"

You know you can't forsake it
So sit back and take it
You see you're just not ripe
So don't try and fight that

You're only sixteen
You wanna catch a peek
But they look at you
Like you're such a freak
Well you're only sixteen
With a lot to say
But they won't give you
The time of day

You're only sixteen!
You're only sixteen!
You're just sixteen!!
You poor little thing.
D y a n n e I will be 16 in four days!! Im so excited I just want to drive 021109
silentbob 16 candles is on tv 021109
Rhin my 16th birthday... i was finally allowed to date! from my mother i received an enormous, cedar 'hope chest'. it still sits at the foot of my bed. did anyone else here receive one of these? it is a tradition in my family (the Duncan side) that every female receives the chest on her 16th birthday. it is filled with hope (treasured items or blessed staples that will be taken along into your new home, upon marriage). the chest traditionally resides in the boudoir. receiving the chest is yet another leap into womanhood. to me it meant that my mother was finally letting go of her little girl. my chest now sometimes holds sweaters, journals, scrapbooks, love letters and anything else that i think needs a blessing. ...and i love the smell of cedar! 021109
screwing for virginity i hated being 16. but i loved that year in highschool, just not me.

im a freak so most of the physical crap was finished happening, but my mind was still a bit imature (and still is now, two years later).
splash of orange swirls




is a name,
a word.


is on a blue screen
in unjumbled lavender


is someone i talk to
and feel like i can't possibly convey
the thoughts of wonder
that i always feel.

doesn't do me justice
not at all.
splash of orange tonight i don't quite know how to make sense
(hence the previous post.)
splash of orange i'm 23

but i don't understand how i got to this point.

jamie is 3000.
celestias shadow not for another year. my birthday is later than most of the other kids in my grade. jesus christ, a whole 'nother year. and i'm just barely fifteen. 030902
homo_boy 29 days untill i turn 16! 031123
Staind_And_Souless I was supposed to be there. You don't want me to be. 041025
refracted sixteen hours
seems a long time.
but how bout,
sixteen days?
everytime it's never enough
once upon a time sixteen seemed
like such a large number
it feels like the batting of an eye
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl tomorrow.
i wonder if it is overrated.
REAListic optimIST well, was it? 131214
what's it to you?
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