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angry_otterpup i need to say this somewhere.
she's so fucking crazy, so incredibly fucking crazy. this isn't a poem or prose, it's a rant.

it's an insane situation. i never saw myself as the type to hook up with a married man, or be with one separated, but not divorced, from his wife. i _never_ thought i'd be involved in any way in breaking up a marriage.

they had an open relationship and they both told me it was ok for me to sleep with him. i really don't know why i did at the time, it was kinda silly and i got myself all messed up in this. i suppose on some level i may already have had feelings for him, i think i fell in love with him later on though.

but despite her saying it was ok she had this fantasy world in her head where he and i did things together without her knowledge. the worst point was when she left him after being convinced we'd spent a romantic weekend away together, even though he had told her that he was in adelaide with his best friend and his best friend attested to it. she was at someone's 30th birthday party, a massive affair with 100+ people there and in the middle of the room she rang him to scream at him for going away with me. we never did, but he couldn't convince her and she screamed at him for two hours in front of all their friends.

she left him and then wanted him back. even crazier was that she lived with his psycho mother when she was away. but after that attack in front of everyone he was wary of getting back together too soon. he wanted some space and time.

then he went to the states to a conference for a week, and while he was gone she emptied the house of everything. all his clothes, all their possessions, everything. he got home to a totally empty house. and she was holding his property to ransom. he had no where to sleep so he came and slept on my living room floor.

which made her even more insane, but he didn't have the money for a hotel, his mother was working against him and his only close friend had just left to live in adelaide.

and eventually she brough his things back, bit by bit. the separated and things settled down a bit. after about two months (which probably wasn't long enough away from the split) we got together. we fell in love i think.

in a bizarre twist of fate, she works with my mother. the sit thirty metres away from each other in an open plan office. and she has approached mum to ask if they could go for a coffe to bitch about him. mum was appalled. mum also once found her hiding in a cupboard in a hallway at work.

she has two boyfriends now. both of them are totally in love with her. and one is having his heart broken by her as we watch.

she's been turning up to places we're at together and watching us. she keeps turning up at my boy's house and being emotional but uncommunicative. she keeps ringing him. in the middle of it all she sent him an sms telling him she hated him. and then she rings to say that she's figured out what the problem is: she's in competition with me and he thinks i'm perfect, so she has to model herself on me. creepy.

she's refused to come off phone plans they shared, she keeps ringing me to leave messages for him, she pesters my mother about me and him, she's crazy. she's fucking crazy. she's also holding their divorce papers ransom. she refuses to have a divorce until she's met with both of us for 'information'. she wants all their debts paid off (even though she's said she's happy for him not to pay her back for years) and for other agreements to be met before they can have the divorce. they've now been separated for more than a year.

so he decided to find out about the divorce and how to go about it. i don't really care that they're still married, just that she thinks she has a right to be in my private life and to be in his space, family, private life, work life everything. and it causes us both distress. so it would be easier for him if she didn't have a legal footing in his life.

he found out how to go about the divorce. he told her. it's easy. he'll pay for it all. and she flips out totally.

waltzes up to my mother's desk and stands there until my mother reveals to her when my birthday is. i'm so sorry this is affecting you mum.

she now believes he's getting the divorce now because i've demanded it as a birthday present. SHE'S FUCKING CRAZY.

she now wants to meet with us both. nevermind the fact that i've met with her one on one already, and she told me she had all the information she 'needed'. she needs to know more.
she has her own goddamn life, a great job, two great relationships with men that love her, family and friends, the whole deal. but she can't let go. and she's so fucking goddamn crazy.

he's going to have to file against her. they wanted it to be amicable. but this is insane and he'll never be free of her if he doesn't just get it done.

she's driving me fucking insane. i don't understand how women can be this fucking crazy, but i know a lot of them.

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