jeff expression of who we are, what we believe or choose not to, and why we do that which we do. why we live, why we die, fall in love and suffer endlessly at the hands of those who see things differently. can this be the wrong thing? should we live without meaning, or is it worth every ounce of the pain we receive? 980905
Caine If you have pain in your life, eliminate it. No sense in living with it. No time for that. If something is bothering you, it shouldn't be. You shouldn't be uncomfortable long enough to complain, or else you're obviously not doing something right. That's my ideology, hope it doesn't hurt your ideology, but if it does - well, you know. 980920
hannah can you help me.i dont really understand what ideology is and how it relates to language? 991217
Quintessensual Neither does anyone else. That's one reason we have blather. 991217
souljah What is the concept of life? What do we mean by concept , the word? To conceive, to imagine, to bring out. A conceptual world is a world of ideas, formulas, a world of theories, a world of imaginative ideological formulation. That is what we mean, don't we, When we talk about concepts? A conceptual world, an ideological world. First of all, what is the relation between the conceptual world, which we have more or less described, what is the relationship between that, and actual daily living? Is there a relationship at all? I have a toothache; that is an obvious fact. And the concept of not having a toothache is an unreality. The fact is I have it. The other is a fictitious thing, an idea. Now what relationship has the reality, the "What is", the actual daily living, to the formula, the concept? 000403
souljah We have ideologies, concepts-the ideal of perfect man, the ideal of what should be, how the liberated prson should act, think feel, live and so on. But these are all just concepts, aren't they? 000403
dicole Just hazy abstractions until activated. Pretty musings latent in the realm of nonexistence 000403
tulip bruises everyone has one, and even those people who seem to be living life to the fullest never stick to it. which is why its called ideology, its the ideal, we can never live up to it. some people just fit theirs aroudn their life as it is already, but thats not a true ideology, and even if it was everything changes, their life wont stay still, and then they wont being living their ideology either.
dont bother with them, dreams are just dreams, and even if we cant help but dream them, its them that dargs us down in the end.
User24 tulip: true, but dreams are important, becuase without them, you have nothing to aim for, my ideology, or philosophy is that one should always aim for the sky; if you reach it, well done, if you miss, you may land on a mountain, which is still better than staying on the ground. 030409
tulip bruises User 24
youre right in a sense, but i prefer to chase the unknown truth instead of chase dreams. i personally think it is better to chase the unknown wherever it may lead, than try to chase the unreal, because if you chase dreams you are chasing an ending, and its never about the ending, its about the journey. as cheesy as that is.
niska it can't be perfect. that's what makes it magical. 030523
whome Someone once said that ideology is a story that is told to us. I wish I could remember who said it. Some ecofeminist. 031103
Dafremen Ok,

First off, the notion that an idealogy being ideal makes it impossible is a pretty defeatist thing to say. Many ideals have been met throughout human history. It isn't so much the ideology that creates an impossible dream, but the dreamer's impossible ideology.

Secondly, it would be very interesting to trace the roots of this defeatist thinking.

It seems to have a common ancestry with a few other such defeatist notions like:
"You can't fight city hall"
(aka "You can't beat the system")
"Dreams are for suckers"
"I'm only one person, what can I do?"
"Nice guys finish last"

All of these smack of one thing to me...machiavellian mischief.

Again and again I continue to run smack into hordes and hordes, mobs and mobs of apathetic people who are more than willing to bow, giving allegiance and credit to the success and power of the system, but who not only haven't got a finger to lift to change the world in a manner that goes against the status quo, but in fact have an even MORE sinister reaction to it:

They behave as if some line has been crossed and they become a repulsing force against ANYTHING that truly threatens this culture of division and greed.

It's as if the mere mention of the "ideal" or "hope" sends waves of nausea through their bodies and brains, and rather than cheering the small force on that dares to fight the system, that dares to attempt to break the bonds of this enormous lie, they do the opposite:

They are transformed into white blood cells in the system's immune system. Spewing defeatist rubbish. Laughing or shaking their heads at the "idealists." Anything they can say to pulverize hope.

It's like watching prison inmates rail against the one who got free and would have them free too. Slamming their own cell doors shut again and booing their would-be allies. They seem almost CONTENT with their captivity...proud of the negativity and defeatism which they've been taught to label "realism" and "practicality."

Do tell us all about how worthless ideologies are. I'm fascinated. (Ok not really, but it does make for an interesting opportunity to study the nature of your societal conditioning.) Please, do go on.
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ego hum is fine with me
I just keep going
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ego hum but if I did have an ideology
it would be SPLENDEFRENT !!! 4
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