Quintessensual Ph called ahead to tell him she was leaving, all warmed up, so happy to have visited for a couple of days, and wanting to meet him, although a little uncertain about it.

"She had this to say about you, my friend," ph reported. "She said I could tell you.

"Buddy, she's a great lady and you should meet her. Do what you can.

"This is what she said 'He seems like a nice character, he's not stupid, he's drawn me out a bit to places I've not been before (like here), and he's drawn me to him. If nothing else, he's helped a little to heal that wound. But, gosh, he is a mystery.'"

Ph said I should be waiting at the place on the downslope where the intersection is and things level out for a bit.

"If we're lucky and the lights are red when she approaches, she'll slow at the intersection. She'll still be clipping, but you should be able to catch her," ph said.

"If the lights there happen to be green and she wisks through," ph paused, "she's going to be there earlier than you expect and you better have a head start or you'll just plain miss her.

"She hasn't skied much, you know. Although she's an exciting lady, she's never done anything as daring as speed skiing," ph finished with a nervous laugh.

He promised he would be ready and have a small head start so he would be able to get back up to her to catch her if she slowed and catch up to her and catch her if she didn't.

"I can't thank you enough, Dear," he said to ph. "Will be talking with you soon."

"Thanks for sending her up here, Buddy," ph replied. "Have a good time."

A few minutes later, he saw early sunlight glistening off her helmet and suit as she came up and over a couple of crests between ph's place and the intersection, 2500 feet or so below.

"She sure looks like a pro to me," he thought to himself, "sure hope those lights are red or I'm going to have a major challenge."

About 500 yards from the intersection, she flew over the last crest with about the longest flight and best landing he'd ever seen anyone make over that top. She was heading straight down now at probably 95 miles an hour, crouched like she'd been speed skiing all her life. The lights showed no sign of turning green.

He was scared, very scared. "She's going to blast through here way to fast for me!"

His phone crackled. "Hey, man, this is ph. I saw her take off and had to wipe my eyes a few times before I could believe it. You better get her into the Olympics, my friend. She's the most amazing skier I have ever seen whip down from here.

"But then I got nervous. If she's going over a hundred when she gets to you, no way are you going to catch her. And the way she's skiing, she could be going 120. So I called the sheriff's office, explained what was going on, and told them to turn the lights red. They should be red any second. See ya'."

With a hundred yards left, the lights flashed red, a cloud of snow exploded behind her as she started to slow, and his heart jumped up to the level of ph's place. He noticed he was soaking wet from sweating.

He started skiing toward her, caught up with her just across the intersection with about 200 yards to go before the next long descent, into the town.

She turned to him with a slightly concerned look and said "Hi. How are you?"

"Very nice to see you," he said.

"Wanna ski"? she asked.

"Sure do."

"Well, let's do it then," she said.

Half hour later, they reached the town at the end of the run.

They had a great time together and then, a couple hours after the sun set, went their separate ways. Happy to have met, and determined to stay in touch.

"Buddy, this is ph. How did it go?"

"You are too nice to me, ph."

Copr. 1999
gaudior giddy, filled with vertigo
sliding down a hill with no apparent end
blinded by a spray of snow
plunging down toward what only god can say
wanting to stop
and knowing if you do, you'll never be happy again
fyn gula "it's such a long way up the hill."
you said, your cheeks as red as apples.
"but we're not cold any more." i said, grabbing the sled.
you sat down and made angels in the snow as i trudged my way back to the top.
when i flew past you, there was this look on your face i wanted to photograph.
to put the picture in my wallet so i could take it out whenever i wanted and remember what passion for the moment looks like.
camille snowangels....and i just handed my snowman an umbrella
It snowed here last night fell thick as cotton balls
sweet as cotton candy

snow is now melted and my snowman stands so stoic
i was tempted to give him a sign that said, "Here today, Gone Tomorrow"..i handed him an umbrella instead

Last snow's snow angels, are still fluttering in the yard....

** This post of downslope was on it's way off the board, I thought i'd hand it an umbrella and save the snow angels for a while longer ...
what's it to you?
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