kingsuperspecial again

diahreha? dang!

:: weeps openly ::
paste! aging

daily dairy? dong!

:: whips opera ::
kingsuperspecial again. again. ow ow ow ow.
hippy freaks, I've half a mind to kick all your asses myself.

rambo! nixon! sic balls! kill! kill!
paste! aging! still aging! pillow morphs into a gelatinous tabby cat. happy yet? it has a low-watt dick.

katie holmes smokes indica from a digeridoo! snatch! fever!
unhinged it's a good thing blather never sleeps or i would be a very lonely girl at 4am. 010808
kingsuperspecial not again.

more soon.

you'll see.

Teenage Jesus sometimes blather gets up early

KSS-what do you mean?
Aimee Lord knows i want to sleep.... i just can't in good conscience do it. 010916
monadh i am running though the pages running past the point of sleep running through an open book i keep finding conclusions continuations sequels leftover whispers 010916
kingsuperspecial more not sleeping

too_much booze

blather is not a cure for sexual tension, heartache, low self esteem, rejection, or stress. it may mask the symptoms temporarily, but it will

nearly nobody is on blather at 4:30 am (pacific). Also spent 2 hours reading yahoo personal adds. scary to think that is an alternative, it would be easier to jump in front of a moving car and then ask the driver on a date. then I read some of the javax.servelt.jsp documentation on sun's website. then I fell asleep listening to portishead and my cat came in and lay down near me and purred for no reason at all. that gave me a little hope.

3 hours of sleep is okay on the weekend.
3am ::sigh::

i think i'm alone now
TalviFatin I cant sleep....I cant get away from Blather...I cant get away from my memories. They're haunting me tonight...
nmb talk about haunting...ghosts just bashing my head in tonight. Not even memories...things that have never even happened (or probably ever will!), just tumbling around in my mind. whatthefuck is wrong with me!? Do normal people make up shit in their heads at 4 am that makes them cry??? 011108
Dafremen Perhaps blather needs to wake up to it's true potential. The true power of blather lies in the ability it gives us to tear down the walls of convention that have us pursuing control and possession mindlessly. Like newborn infant minds seizing control of their bodies, perhaps we start this pattern when we first open our eyes, probably earlier in our development than that.

We discover, explore, dominate and then control until we are ready to discard. We do this our entire lives.

Once we've gotten the hang of controlling our bodies, we move on to people, learning how to control them. People become extra eyes, arms, legs and brains which we control through external interfaces. We are little more than infants always searching for the new toy, the biggest and best toy. Not only do we let OURSELVES become this pathetically pathological, daily our SOCIETY becomes less a society of mutual respect and cooperation, and more a society, of control and domination through force, deciet, motivation and deterrance.
"Be a brain, or be an extremity in our society."
"Control or be controlled."

Oh the power, the glamour, the money and the fame. So sophisticated, so advanced, so evolved, so developed.

So much like the acts of an infant brain, reaching out to discover, explore, dominate and control.

Unlike the infant, however, having read this, we can no longer claim ignorance.
psychotic episode birdmad (mwahaha) mwahahahaha

i'm going silly now

jesus i wouldn't even mind the possibility of passing out face first into my keyboard

but i'm just not tired

with any luck i'll crash before i have a "stan" episode and flip out

(speaking of which, i hope he got some help, i felt bad for the guy)
white_wave recommends give blather some warm milk and sing it a lullaby. 040307
blown cherry 5:40am

I actually have gotten some sleep already tonight, but it has left me now for greener pastures, and someone who treats their sleep time a little more sacred than I.

It's a lonely one tonight, and I'm counting on certain others to actually be sleeping tonight after last nights total lack of sleep content, and so tonight the loneliness is mine to bear all alone.

It could be worse, but it still feels cold and blue.
kenobi At least you have someone to think about (lack of sleep content or not) blown_cherry. It's horrible when it feels cold and blue all night every night regardless. : ) 040401
kenobi or should I say : ( 040401
meta meta 060512
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