Piso Mojado my grandmother. shes gone a bit downhill in the past 5 years. she only wears purple, and has her nails done in sparkly purple. she eats mainly pastries and chocolate and tuna fish salad on crackers. she absolutely hates all humans and never stops raving about her dogs that have been dead for 20yrs. she always buys junk from the home shopping network and marshalls and the 99cent store, and then gets offended when she offers it to us and we dont want it. she makes me pretty sad: that shes just an empty shell now. she used to laugh hysterically at anything my uncle said, snorting and out of breath and pounding the table with her hands.

she always tells me the story of when i was born: how she and her sister were staying at my parents place and were sleeping in their waterbed when the phonecall came, and how they struggled, laughing at themselves, trying to get out of that damn bed.

and how, when i was much younger, i flew with my parents to go see her, and i ran off the plane into her arms, calling her the mysterious previously unknown name of "baba"
Eowithien My baba (Inna Savitski Orlovsky) is called it for short instead of Babushka (she was born in Russia). She was in a work camp during WWII and never talks about that experience, except once when someone interviewed her and I read the interview many years later when she found it. She came to the US from Germany (went their for refuge or something) a little over 50 years ago with about $5 or less in her pocket. She married the man (Vladimir Walter Orlovsky) she had once dated in Russia a few years after he came (same year, only $1 in his pocket and a pipe). They settled in New Jersey and when my dad and aunt were in Middle School, they moved to Bath, Maine where my grandpa worked in Bath Iron Works (BIW). Sometime during my dad's highschool (I think), my grandpa designed a house in Dresden, Maine (not very far from Bath) and they made a pond and moved in. My grandpa, Did (jeed) (short for Didushka, russian for grandfather) died on Christmas day, 1999. My brother wasn't even two, my sister was 13 and I was only 11. At the time, I couldn't really understand he was gone and now I miss him and wish he could see Elias growing and when I played soccer (he played when he was very young). Baba overreactes to everything, she gets very excited and its bad for her heart and blood pressure (bad hearts run in my family, Did had to have open heart surgery and died from a stroke or something many years later). She lives alone in the house that my grandpa designed and helped to build and doesn't get out much to be with her friends. She is sad because she is alone but doesn't try to go out and see them or make plans. She is a dear old lady that I love very much, she loves sharing her stories with me and giving me things she can barely afford. I feel so terrible for her, she asked me if I wanted the dining room set or the bedroom set when she died only a little after my grandpa died. She bakes and cleans and cares for anyone that comes her way. I love you Baba, may God give you many years and reward you when your time comes because you have worked hard and you deserve every happy thing that I know you have gotten and will get. 030301
Piso Mojado before shabbat dinner 1 hour after i'd flown into LA we were talking- and she was so raw and upset and crying about her neighbors dog who was put to sleep. She has such a big heart- why did she never do anything with her life but serve men and hate them for it, waiting for an excuse to leave or quit? 051120
Ouroboros she took a turn for the worse- is pretty incoherent, and is in the locked war section of her jewish old age home. my mom knew it was serious when baba couldn't recognize herself in pictures with her dog. 071021
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