god first blow job i got. actually 2 that night. 030402
x i started an 8 year dance career 030403
blown cherry Eight years old (mostly)
Mum went to Disneyland without me.
I had separate crushes on the two biggest bullies in the class.
Was accidentally kicked in the head and got all my 3x tables wrong for the rest of the afternoon.
Mum got Deep Vein Thrombosis and was hospitalised in a ward full of cancerous old women with holes in their necks to smoke their cigarettes out of.
I wrote a lengthy story about a walking talking living doll and her walking talking cat.
Mum had a miscarriage and was hospitalised again.
I didn't lose the baby teeth that I still have.
I read a lot.
We studied a book named "Fortunately Unfortunatley" in literature time that taught us about the meaning of the words fortunately and unfortunately. Fortunately.
p2 i started 5th grade
and started hanging out with the "uncool" kids
like the_guy_everyone_makes_fun_of_but_you_feel_bad_for
but three of them
especially this one guy
everyone called "spazman"
but he was also the first guy i knew
with an internet connection
i used his computer
and had my first online experience
playing some crappy text-based rpg
on prodigy
birdmad Junior year of HS.

Found out my dad was terminally ill.

Got high for the first time

Fell in love for the first time.

Met the little cluster of people who would impact the next 8 years of my life.
splinken i was 7, and awfully damned cute. 030403
pipedream The year my brother was born. I was three years old and I remember standing outside the hospital window and peeking in at my mother, and my sister- who was two- had to pee real bad. hahaha 030403
antisocialbehaviour the year i was born 030403
niska my first date.
my first period.
my first drink.
my first smoke.
my first realization that i was going to grow up eventually - and i have been fighting it since that day.

what a year.
jessicafletcher i was three and i loved my dad. my my how things change. 030403
Danbo I was six, I loved to watch Transformers and eat fruit roll-ups. I thought I'd become a singer in a hair band and I had leg warmers.
God, i miss the 80's!!
Blue Reaction I was born, so i guess its the best year of my life. Without 1987 i wouldn't be me 031201
jenny enny dots i got my diploma and my driver's license that year. never i have i felt so free. 040208
realistic optimist my mom voluntarily commited herself into a mental institution

i went to live with my aunt and uncle

i started eighth grade
Brutalize Was 13 years old , had my first girlfriend.... 040209
oldephebe so many wonderful things happened that year...i thank god for allowing me the honor of being with the woman who would eventually become the mother of our child..and my wife...she was an angel..sure wrapped in steel and she didn't take any bleep..but man did i get lucky that she'd hook her wagon to my train..i still think she was too good for me..but...yeah... 040212
Smurf My birthday.

Yes I know I'm younge.
naive artist this is the first time that blather has ever made me feel young. 040712
suicidalchinadoll twas my last year without siblings.
the year I began to beg to take piano lessons.
the year I got my ears pierced.
I think I learned to walk this year..and when I wasn't doing that..I was sitting in a jolly jumper.
the year I turned one.
Naive Son c'mon! you can really remember back to the age of one?

Ur putting us on.
emmi yeah, geesh. and you couldn't have been begging for piano lessons cause you couldn't even walk. babies learn to walk before they learn to talk.

at least all the babies i've known.
Death of a Rose my first year of university life 041209
birdmad the year when the edges began to need blurring 041209
suicidalchinadoll I'm not sure why I'm bothering to respond to this, but..for posterity's sake, I did indeed walk before I could talk.
and both happened in the months before and after I turned one.

oy..that wasn't annoying

now I'm going to exercise my perogative to roll my eyes like the angsty teen I am. :)
have a good day, both of you.
*ceasing blather pollution now*
ancey mcgoo maybe she/he has problems writing things out chronologically. 041212
suicidalchinadoll mmhmm 041212
mona loves you I turned two, but not until the end of the year. 041213
pete i also turned two, and my little brother was born the day after christmas 041213
monee i turned seven
i read a duck is a duck
and alice in wonderland
Twitch I was almost born 060716
Old... lo! I turned 90,453. 080112
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