Robert Spande the ghost story
gave the dream a certain flavor.
was it:

siamese cat?

I am inclined to believe that the values evolving since the nadir of the summit have peaked even while they have plummeted.


your fucking momma
god i had this dream, she was stranglin' me, making these weird noises like, "eeeyyyooaaaaahhhh". 001028
Milkman Dan Your Thoughts Can And Will Hurt You

UNLESS YOU LET THEM OUT;makeaholeinyourhead

And they'll escape


BECAUSE ONCE THE BAD BLOOD HAS GONE You can FORGET about SLEEP and FORGET ABOUT NEEDING PEACE from your own thoughts. acceptanceistheonly way (in my very limited experience) People are fucked and should generally be avoided. (BE on your guard I'm onto you. Mobilising troops as we speak.) LIFE IS SHIT. I have trouble accepting. become The perpetrator. Even just try to fit in so you won't be victimised. Fuckit endit. Show your solidarity. Fucking Idiots.

misstree when columbine happened, lots of people were hollering about how goths were violent...

in my oh so humble opinion, goths *are* violent... but they release it through music and sex, generally...

violence is not evil in itself... violence is the inertia, the energy, the longing for scarlet sparks to appear in a flash of passion... it's violence that hurts others that starts to get bad...

i am deeply, passionately, hopelessly in love with violence.
cheeze quite frankly. you scare me. how could anyone by in love with something that causes that much chaos 010302
MOE the right hand of destruction. It is the only reasonable force in a world where everything must die to be love life is to love the violence necessary to make it. 010320
DannyH The constant transgressive impulse leading you on from one encounter to the next without the aid of safety harness or small animals banding together in hordes t o break your fall with a general rippling crack as their tiny spines provide the perfect crumble zone. No, this tight wire act of trapezoid ballet. This slowmotion thumping of another mans face to a bloody pulp while the local people stand and watch appalled but donít get involved because they think thatís probably the rules, this must be more than barbarity because the audience love it so. There is an appreciation of the art of the jabbing sidekick and the chop to the neck which supercedes morality. We can all see the craftmanship of a good right hook and many intellectuals like to go on and on about boxing in the old days. When Ali punched a man in the head with his hand it was all about race and religion and pride or something. Men hunched over typewriters with their big hands punching out little pockets of pain for the world getting all excited because the really big men all oiled and sweaty are getting on stage in their shorts and really doing it to each other. Fist me baby. Hit me again. 010423
Norm I'm not really sure... So? 010830
DanetteTN915 A purple thumbprint blistered with red
blossoming on my forearm, wrist.
The book whizzing by my head.
Not close enough to hit me, just make me jump enough to satisfy.
"I love you, baby." Tears rolling down his face. "Never again." And I believe it. For a good five days. A fist flying by me and a broken window. Intimidation.
Three years later, my knees still knock, and I still feel the breeze of a slap.
Scabed Angel well if you think about it chaoes is in the nature of a being, not only human also in animals cause what do animals do to protect their newborn children, if a preditor goes to harm them the parents will attack the intruder, and KILL the intruder/preditor. violence is all around and plants are violent to each other too always fighting for water air and space, even us we are killing everyday wheather it ba a single cockroach on the wall, an ant on the ground, or even eachother, cats kill birds, dogs kill a squirll, violence comes in every way so just watch what you do, someone, something will be killing something all around you, no one or nothing will be able to stop violence, do you know that when you take a bath how many microscopic being you kill?

violence is everywhere? nothing will stop it.

God is even violent!

he is the one who created Lucifer

he is the one who put these intentions in our nature
what's it to you?
who go