and i shattered rightalongside
sab whats the best thing about fucking a three year old?

hearing its pelvis crack
z i object to that joke 040607
sab its a free world
you are welcome to object all you like
z you have lost my respect.
some things should not be said ever, even in jest.
sa [much joyous laughter]
and what makes you think i am out for your respect? or that i would care about the sudden loss of it?

dear dear.

you children should not take yourself or the world so seriously.

it'll be your downfall, in the end.
sab that was sab, not sa

the 'b' key is acting funny
see? if you take yourself too seriously, the world will find ways to trip you up

eris my darling, you need to find yourself another hobby
p2 prepare to lose respect
for a lot of blatherskites
see: joke_index
iJun082004 Despite Agreement, Insurgents Rule Fallujah

June 7, 2004

FALLUJAH, Iraq -- The travelers entered Fallujah first through a checkpoint operated by the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, a U.S.-trained paramilitary unit meant to add muscle to the American-led occupation. The men in black berets distractedly waved cars past, onto the city's main street.

Then it became apparent who was really in charge. A few yards in, wild-eyed young men in masks pulled cars over at will, searched them and demanded identification documents. No one could leave or enter without passing muster.
sab the things that you are afraid to say
will loom darkly and threatening over your head forever.

if you are afriad of something
you give it power over yourself.

if you wish to trap yourself in a spiral of fear, again, it is a free world and you may do what you like. more power to you.

however i choose to be free of fear.
and i am not afriad to admit to that comes to mind.

the naming of things gives you the power over them.

its an ancient magic.
0^0 Wrong "Pasting" in Blather space -

Falluja, instead?
somebody 911_jokes 040608
z sab:
you can prevaricate and justify but it will not soften your error. i do not seek to censor you, only to express contempt for your bad taste. i imagine that you are not a serial killer, pedophile sadist. that is the subject of your poor excuse for humor. i do not feel that it is at all funny, however clever it's presentation might be(which it is not). it is indefensible, even in the current climate of anti-censorship (to which i am an enthusiastic adherent).

as to the value of my respect, i did not assume that you would be motivated by it. i do offer the criticism freely as self expression, and with the intent to demonstrate a value of the demotcratic forum that is blather. suffer my distress or ignore it as you choose.
z (even if i can not type) 040608
sab hey z, i do apprecate your thought out reply, and i appreciate the fact that you are not attempting to censor me.
but i do have a question

why is it indefensible?
why is it not a matter for joking?

why should we not joke about things that happen in the world?

if there are some things that Should Not Be Joked About, where is that line? how do you draw it?

are you comfortable with jokes about death?
are you comfortable with jokes about murder?
are you comfortable with jokes about god?
are you comfortable with jokes about car crashes?
are you comfortable with jokes about englishmen, irishmen and scotsmen?
are you comfortable with jokes about
the war in iraq?

how do you decide where your line should be drawn?

its only fair that i answer the questions i have asked.

i have thought long and hard about things that are Taboo, that Should Not Be Mentioned and i do truly believe that if you dont talk about things, that they become monsters with power over people.

humour is a defense mechanism and a coping mechanism for human beings.

and nothing is so serious that it is not a target for humour and jokes.

horrific and terrible things happen in the world every single second.

irreverence makes the world easier to cope with.
ethereal When I read this the other day. I dropped my jaw and went "Ah, Oh my god." But I didn't take offense to the fact that Sab had chosen to write it on blather. In fact it got me thinking so much that I appreciated it's existance. Sometimes remembering the sick and fucked up things like that help you put reality in check and forget about yourself for a while. To some sick fucks that joke is actually funny?!?! That's a mind boggler. To some other sick fucks, that's a reality. What the hell!! I think maybe even Kx21's irritating and overkill ramblings are also to put us all in check.

So Sab thanks for making me think.
sab hey ethereal, glad i can put a little perspective in your day, and that idea that you find the fucked up things to put reality in check is pretty cool.

but i do have to tell you, that im one of of your sick fucks who does find that joke terrbily funny

it still makes me laugh, and i first heard it years ago.
ethereal Why doesn't that surprise me? 040609
Arugula Red it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it on Recent 040609
z sometimes humor is used as a coping mechanism and i guess that is good. i mistrust it when it is used as a vehicle for communicating difficult or confrontative ideas. i also believe that openness and forthright examination of difficult topics is inherently good. when a serious topic is kept at arms length through humor i see it as a rejection of unwanted intimacy, a reaction against empathy, that is expressed. truly, we all have to find our own way.

Regarding the line, i can only say that it's boundries are elastic, even for me. i know it when i am confronted with it. it is definitely my line, not some universal truth. i do not feel less strongly about it in spite of my relativism. it is ultimately an ethical issue.
witchesrequiem So don't tell any one chad! 040611
Jess I totally agree with you my friend Ethereal.
I thought this joke was sick when I visited it earlier!
wars of the worlds . 050131
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