girl_jane Hipsters and a wallflower-it makes an interesting combination. Some are dancing-moving mostly their shoulders-60's style. Earlier I flipped through a handbook for hipsters. According to the book, I am not a "non-hipster" nor am I a hipster.

So tonight, as many other nights, I am a wallflower. Just listening and watching and observing...waht a wallflower does.

These people are under the assumption that they're differen-better than everybody else. They're still human-no special hipster powers. They wear uniforms of vintage clothing. Sneakers on the boys; pointed shoes on the girls.

I'll give them the fact that they're all beautiful in an individual way-thumbs up to those who actually talked to me...the wallflower.

Funky hair-do's...There's only one other person who's letting their curly hair show. Luke's got his dreads. The rest of them have straight locks in interesting choppy-bed-head styles; bangs across their foreheads.

Some of them look like they stepped out of a bad 70's movie-maybe 80's...muscle tees and mustaches over pasty whit skin. Some of the guys have to be near 30 if they aren't there already. The rest of them must be 20 something. Many of the guys are wearing eyeliner-Billy Idol style.

This is what I wrote last night on a piece of cardboard I ripped off an empty mail package.
pipers when pants, God's gift to the waist, and general feeling of grooviness.

*satisfied grin*
Casey I fell down the stairs and I think I broke my hipster 040301
jimmy don't worry maam, we'll just spray and we'll have your "art space" back to a wharehouse in no time 040301
stork daddy man i must be one deck wally. 040317
rubydee are the new yuppies 040317
chiselmouth Stomp a Hipster dipshit for Jesus. 040317
knot meat seem the heralds of the apocalpyse. i mean sure i guess it's better to be laughing if you're drinking pabst blue ribbon and watching clint eastwood movies, but the fact remains that you're drinking pabst blue ribbon and watching clint eastwood movies, while people are dying on the other side of the world, and the people who sew your bens live in squalor. and yet there's time to worry about what's cool. sure it's not driving an suv but it's the same idea. besides, suvs just aren't popular because they're popular right? not that i'm out changing the world. actually, scratch the above. all it did was make me realize what a fucking hypocrite and worthless use of space i am. 040501
no reason always congregate in the same place which makes that place seem really small regardless of whether it actually is

i have glass stuck to my shoes
no reason i thought i saw someone i knew (the same someone) about ten times today, but it was a different person (who wasn't him) every time. 080902
unhinged all look the same, a sad perversion of punk, and even more sad that rock has seemingly disappeared into nothing but a fashion accessory. i miss the mosh pits at ivet shows. the_mars_volta show was a mass of matte black fauxhawks and pseudomullets, studded belts, chucks, smaller jeans than i could fit into, with arms folded across paunchy beer guts, sullen, silent, stupid. i heard that the_mars_volta actually posted shit on the internet about how lame milwaukee was. and i shook my head in shame. if there is anything at the very top of my hate list (which i've been trying to burn), it would be dumb ass scenester_bitches that go to a show to be seen. even more pathetic than the old ladies dripping their fur and diamonds to go to the symphony.

fucking scenester_bitches
three words munchkin commercialism hipsters 100620
no reason he was all, "i went to [hipster bar] and just got angry," and "it reeked of effort."

as much fun as it is to engage in a little making-fun-of-hipsters session, i think there are a few more worthy things to be angry about in the world. i have less and less patience for that kind of negativity... people should be allowed to be what they be. within reason.

besides, it's all too ridiculous to be angry about.
. . 100623
unhinged yes

until you act like you don't know me cause you think it makes you cooler

hipsters in milwaukee suck balls

i'm too cool to ignore
unhinged at a hip_hop show
i will throw my hands in the air
and wave them around
cause i really don't care

'why do people do that at hip_hop shows?'

i am so cooler than you
unhinged mikal

unhinged even your kids are photo_ops

unhinged make me want to bash my head against walls 150906
amy in blue or jew the only fact about hipsters that have an honest dislike of (and i have hemmed and hawed it) is that it takes too much time and money to be one. (even if you buy your cool clothes at thrift stores it takes time to find what is gonna suit you ) . I guess that's why they call them trust fund hipsters. now, whether or not i am one.... well ... Not currently with bank account but i do have time it might be worth it bc all we got here is flowy skirts as far as the eye can see. 150907
amy in red or blue or jew Oh and the part where they act like they don't know you - that's not cool. 150907
gja Sam and I play a game called "hippy or hipster"
Try it. Its fun
what's it to you?
who go