emily wet hair,
tangled in the wind,
blowing in my eyes,
reminds me of the day,
the minute,
the second,
that you broke my heart
lovers lament tangled
when the metal married the telephone pole
met with scarred wood and shattered glass
cars crawling like predators
low-bellied to the road
afraid to know
tangled up in upholstery
rain trickling very slowly
some lonely feeling of dread
media funhouse
mirrors broken and limp
hope i didn't know him
mantra in my mind
please. no one i know
no one alive.

december 16, 2000
copyr. 2000
lovers lament i became tangled in your mourning
the sun rising on an empty day
heart to heart adorning each other
with false kisses and regret
wanted to save another lost soul
spare you the pain of death
i pulled myself from your hold
and realized what i had been blind to
lovers lament tangled up in contradiction
i wonder what you mean.
if you're nothing but fiction-
some story i read ages ago
full of heroes and dragons
but no firm ground to stand on.
i want to be chained by your hands
to some rusted fuzzy logic
hope of an impossibility
throw out rationale for
i watch you smoke your cigarette
mouth drawn back in a smirk
share in the joke with you
always look away first.
i miss you already.

for j
lovers lament tangled into you
running through my memories
it's 7 am
you rest your head to mine
i stare out your window
my thoughts erase time
the clouds roll unfettered
the gods of the sky, ever shifting
my head pounds a rhythm
your heart falls behind
think about the ease of attachment
turn my back to you
just in case you'd wake up
and see me cry
this dry bitter ache
running my life
so i want to stay
tangled into you,
reliving a moment
that's destined to fade away
wish i could open my mind
pour out my emptiness
taste my sadness from the inside
but you remain
one carefully calculated step away
and i sit
feeling like a second choice
emotions denied...
copyright 2001
for greg
girl_jane I've got a knot in my stomach because you make me nervous. 020304
its hard to learn the number seven i am so tangled
in my sins
that i cannot escape

(pinch my head off collapse me like a weed, someone had to go this far)
Syrope in so many things. "you are neurotic and depressed - that doesn't mean that you're sad"

this past summer, i snuck out to an abandoned baseball field with this boy...we played in the net that had been taken down (that protects the spectators from foul balls)...i guess we didn't notice how tangled we were getting, but it was really bad. we got tired of trying to untangle ourselves after a while so we sat and looked at each other through the mesh and talked. when it started to get dark we tried again...we finally got out but the netting was in huge knots and we just left it :) had to get back before curfew...
megan and maybe it was laying on a bed with you, all tangled and listening to
strumming guitar

and maybe it's the way you set it aside and looked me square in the eye

but maybe it was the way you took me in your arms
i'm irreplacable
i'm who you want

i'm yours

it may all be nonsense coming out of my mouth now
but for that shining moment
it all makes sense

tangled is the only way for all parts of me to fall in place
jordie the way my hair felt when I woke up next to you
the way the sheets fell about our bodies as I slept next to you
the way our legs moved over one another the night before
the way my thoughts felt when I had left the warmth of your side
the way my heart feels when I decide it can never be
misstree so many places your threads are wrapped around me, pulled through me, how will i ever be free? 090519
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