ubliss It is for sentient beings who have problem or difficulty to taste the
affair of genuine love or sexual relationship.

Mr. Bill Clinton(Bill_Clinton),
US' president:
The victim or casualties of phone_sex or phone sex?

God of Global phone_sex_operator?
cenobite a fun game to play with your lover when you can't be in the same room together 000915
shiva hehehe

i am such a slut.
ClairE But is your name Gabe?
Much fun, bad when caught.
I've done it while reading the newspaper, on flower_arranging or maybe gardening.
That's when you know the_spark has fled your relationship.

The last one I had it with was surprisingly good.
piercedjenny When I have phone sex I go into graphic detail about what I like, what I want, and how I will consume your body.
I don't worry about how kinky, perverted or wrong you may find what I like.
I know at that moment you are into anything I describe, because I have a kickass imagination, and you can hear me getting worked up.
Wanna do something about it?
shiva hi clairE.

ha ha ha
shiva shit. we don't have long distance. 011203
ClairE You just made my day!

Oh, dude.

I dislike waking up in the middle of the day when I have class in the morning...I think a little phone_sex would do me good.

It's been a long time.
The night before I left for school,
I told Lisa of my latest conquest,
and she laughed and told me
how everyone's she's had phone_sex with
has brought it to their neighborhood.

Lisa originating phone_sex.

shiva oh man

i am the worst
(obvious) cube "Reach out and touch someone"
(somebody had to say it)
ClairE In this situation, it's like a quarter cheating. Not real and nothing to cheat on anyway...

So what are we allowed to do?

I don't know.

I don't know either.

I told him, we always agree.
ClairE "Okay, warning. Odd thought."

"You always say you have odd thoughts, but they're never that odd."

"Okay. I wonder who came up with phone sex."

"HAHA. Yeah, I wonder who was the first one to do it!"

"I mean, it had to come from somewhere. And it was pre_e_mail, pre_instant_messenger. You can't have letter_sex."

"Well, sure, you can. I've done it before. There just isn't...instant_gratification."

"Uh, okay."

"But, yes, I wonder who kicked it off."

"Yeah, I mean, he was a swinger, and she was a swinger, and then everyone joined in."
j_blue used to be good at it

with strangers

a friend would solicit from aol, than wake me so i could fake it

lost interest in it, when i lost interest in chat

too bad
tilt It was a grey day.
I was crossing the road, and a slightly built Indian woman called to me from a phone booth.
She was in front of the phone, and I stood in front of her. She said she thought she recognised someone's voice and hadn't meant to call to me.
Our eyes lingered.
For too long. We began to kiss, I pressed her body against the phone. The traffic and bustle outside was buffered by the flimsy plastic of the phone booth.
She pulled her jeans down far enough for me to get inside her. I held her face and looked into her eyes as we moved together, both aware of the almost comic scene we were making, the phone making strange beeping noises as her body banged against the keypad again and again, but no-one outside seemed to notice or care. Perhaps this sort of thing happens every day.
Her sad eyes were fixed on mine, mouth quivering slightly with every penetration. Her face finally broke into a crumpled look of pleasure as we came together.
A warm, tight embrace. We got our breath back, pulled up our clothes. We left the phone booth, the receiver hanging limply from the cord as if it too were in that exhausted euphoric state we had both experienced.

Melting into the crowds around us, we disappeared.
tilt i meant to post that in red. 070124
tilt i think the title dooms this blathe to obscurity 070125
unhinged i wanted to hear your_voice last night; without it i couldn't convince myself to masturbate before i fell asleep 070125
nom masturbate with the phone? 070125
. i can get it in, but sometimes it gets stuck on the way out - just like doggies 070126
* we had it last night. and i loved every second of it. 070203
i had to laugh 070306
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