The Spork Of course, in the news today we are hearing All About the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Other than the most embittered of those in the Middle East, most of the world does not look upon the Capture of Saddam as a bad thing.

I drank a few celebratory beers today to Mark the Occasion.

Ever the pragmatist, however, knowing What I Know about recent history and watching the News on CBC instead of any of our homegrown Lap-Dog newsmedia, the first thing that Popped into my Head was "Faust"

Of course, it will offend the so-called "Patriots" and assorted Flag Wavers to realize that in this case, if Saddam Hussein is Faust, then, in all Honesty, the US Goverment is, once again, Mephistopheles.

As it was with Shah Reza Palavi, Anwar Sadat, Ferdinand Marcos, General August Pinochet, and Manuel Noriega, and others still in power yet, Washington empowers tyrants giving them money and diplomatic support for their atrocities until it becomes convenient to collect on the bargain.

The Shah became a man without a country when his sins came Full-Circle.

Sadat was assassinated. And though beloved by the West, was no friend to his own.

Marcos was hung out to dry and fled, rather than face the wrath of his people.

Pinochet lives and avoids prison only for the fact that he is old and in ill health. (And for his role in the September 11, 1973 coup as well as Argentina's "Dirty War" former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is not welcome in either country)

Noriega became too full of himself and became too much of a political liability whose stance as an opponent of communism became irrelevant when it became to obvious how involved in cocaine trafficking. He went from having the backing of the US Government and military to being chased by American Soldiers into the Vatican embassy where he was driven out by a barrage of loud music meant to drive him even crazier than he had already become.

So, now we come to Saddam, a Stalinist Socialist dictator to whom we gave Money, Materiel and Diplomatic Support while he made war with Iran (not knowing that Our Government was providing Materiel to the Ayatollahs in Iran in exchange for hostages and cash to Illegaly fund an insurgency in Nicaragua)

We gave him a verbal slap on the wrist for gassing his own people. It took Saddam invading Kuwait and destabilizing the oil market before we decided to he was no longer convenient.

So after some time, Saddam went from being one of the monsters we kept in our pocket to being caught like a rat in a dusty little hole in the ground, his bargain with the devil complete, the devil, in the form of one George W. Bush, had come to collect.

Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan, Gen. Islam Karimov, an "Ally" of the US in the so-called War on Terror recently got mentioned in an Amnesty International report for having a number of political prisoners beaten savagely and then bolled alive. Of course, while he's "on our side" we are willing to quietly Look The Other Way.

Some things, after all, Never Change.
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and has always left the bones of prediction on the doorstep of it's auguries fortunes
oE if anyone feels like it..why don't we inundate the rnc email server with this..purely to communicate with other patriots that is..and by inundate i am by no means suggesting or trying show a a cause and effect relationship between tens of thousands of true patriots contacting the RNC at - to reflect and respond to what some would call the high hubris of "W's" ostensible validation of his policy. Let's all congratulate him and let him know what we think...
birdmad First, though i still think the Spork is an ass for some of his interjections on non-political matters (in fact, i think, from now on, i should just address you like Dan Aykroyd addressing Jane Curtin on the old point-counterpoint segments on SNL Weekend Update,)

("spork, you ignorant slut...")

i do agree with the Faust comparison, but think he should have fleshed out his illustration of our other former puppet regimes a little more thouroughly before hitting the keyboard with this one

oE, while it would be a viable tactic if they hadn't become a party full of barking moonbats, the RNC, unfortunately, is of the view that criticism of Emperor C-Plus Augustus is somehow "Political Hate Speech," according to the musings of RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie.

the RNC has been co-opted by the worst elements of the republican fringe, and whatever moderates are left in that party have all taken to cowering like battered Steppford wives and going along for the ride.

Gillespie was one of the people who leaned on Viacom/CBS to pull the Reagan bio-pic before it aired and has been instrumental in the Party's attempts to equate any form of disagerement with the Chimperor with being "unpatriotic."

The RNC ran an ad somewhere in the midwestern TV markets using even the discredited parts of Dubya's State of the Union Address as selling points and trying to suggest through the most subtle of means that, somehow, disagreeing with Bush policy and any of the tenets thereof contributes to our losses.

IN other words, the party of "Personal Responsibility" is saying, albeit indirectly that "It isn't our shitty, incompetent policies that are getting people killed, it's people saying they disagree with our shitty, incompetent policies that's doing it."

if you want to read a great, if somewhat alarming article about where we seem to be headed, check this out:

It isn't the RNC that should be paying attention to this, they've long since made up their mind and set their agendas in motion... it's the rest of the public that needs to see what's going on, but along the lines of what misstree said somewhere else, i wonder sometimes if it isn't too late... after all, this is a country where more people can be motivated to worry about who's going to win American Idol than who's going to run the country.

Frankly, if i were Chimpy (AWOL) McStagger, I'd be writing Michael Jackson a big ass thank you note for distracting the press and the public long enough to let me get away with more shit.
oE yeah i pasted it to my browser and it came up blogspot home page for this site not found.. please advise maybe there's another way..or maybe I need to reduce the active x security settings or something..please i am really interested in reading it..

i gotta say birdmad and two really seem to know your facts..and ah are eloquent and visceral as a simitar..good stuff..i enjoy reading you guys political rants...
ever dumbening ditto
thanks to our own little pair of
Micro Moore's
birdmad oE... go to and look to the links up on the left side of the page for the article "Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An Exigesis" you can either download the PDF from that link or you can read the article in HTML format in the installments that it appeared on Mr. Neiwert's blog "Orcinus"

it was both a fascinating and disturbing read.
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