girl_jane The movie doesn't come out until May 3rd. However, I get to see it May 1st.
(insert evil laugh here)
My dear boy, Jace, won two tickets to see a preview in Des Moinse. He picked me to go with him instead of one of his friends. I feel special.

A funny little tid-bit of information:

Somebody told him the other day that he looked a bit like the guy who plays spiderman in the movie.

Last summer, friends and I were talking about who'd play who if there were a movie about us. They said Kirsten Dunst would play me. I now have red hair, I used to be blonde. Kirsten Dunst is Spiderman's girl in the movie, with red hair that used to be blonde...

Ok, so it isn't that interesting, but oh well...
stork daddy with great power comes great responsibility. Ah...where are you when i need you spidey? 020428
Casey Jace does not look like Toby Mcguire. I saw the movie tonight. It was a pretty good, but for a comic book reading dork like me some of the differances were a little annoying, but that's the movie biz. 020504
bethany i went and saw hollywood ending tonight
the lines for the spiderman showings for 3 hours away were herded like cattle when i got out
talk about draw
the undead critic I went in with high hopes but pretty low expectations...

i was torn between my love for the comic books i read as a kid and my love of film as art so this conflict kinda had me torn going in.

I took my little brother and one of his friends as well as my older sister's kids packed 'em all in sister's minivan and decided to givr in to the first of the big summer spectacles

i give it a solid 4.5 out of 5 zombies on the undead critic scale

Sam Raimi's direction was good and tight, never letting the pacing fall into too much of a lull and his flair for the material (proven in his Evil_dead movies which for their shoestring budgets are some of the best most imaginitive horror of the late 80's/early 90's) and Darkman, John Dykstra's visual effects were spot-on

the only weakness was the character development of some of the supporting characters, namely the lack of depth in screenwriter David Koepp's versions of Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn though Kirsten Dunst and James Franco acquit themselves nicely here and admittedly Koepp does a great overall job with the interactions of the most key players in the story.

Tobey Maguire proves himself as the perfect man for this particular job, carrying a little bit of his character from Cider House Rules into his portrayal of Peter Parker

Willem Dafoe proves himself to be one of the most versatile performers working in film today, with roles ranging from Jesus Christ (Scorcese's Last Temptation of Christ) to his starmaking turn in Platoon as Sgt. Elias to his genuinely creepy role as a bank robber in David Lynch's Wild At Heart. His portrayal of Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin is, strangely, in my opinion, just as compelling as any of those - a little bit over_the_top but not quite lapsing into the levels of self-parody that Jack Nicholson began to slide into in Tim Burton's stylish Batman.

in the end, I enjoyed myself, the kids enjoyed themselves and much of the audience broke into spontaneous applause at the end of the movie which even for a big, loud summer spectacle had a warm and lively heart beating at its center
kill rhythm i really liked it :) 020518
florescent light good flick

would have been more enjoyable had I not been seated next to a bratty 8 year old, jumping up and down, hand over mouth, yelling (as loud as he possibly could, mind you) "oh no! oh no! I hate spiders!!"
oldephebe yea i'm 394 days late but anyway I didn't want to contend with the frenzied throngs so I bought the DVD when it came out - Kirstan Dunst was radiant despite the remedial, diaphonous, corny, staid, lifeless dialogue.
Everyone else was serviceable ah notably
the McGuire fella and ah what's the use Kirsten Dunst emotes so easily so naturally so palpably i felt every note she spoke. a little much. Willam Defoe
was able to wrest the two dimensional caricature written for him from its abysmal direction and dialogue. Toby McGuire - I think what came across the most was his earnestness and the whole quiet strength thing. blah blah tenacity blah blah
pobodys nerfect I saw it about two months ago. I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see it. I liked the special effects better than the script. Some of the lines were just so cheesy. I mean,I know it's based on a comic book character,but still... I think the actors could've done a much better job if they had been given something better to work with. 030717
oldephebe I so emphatically agree
Sam Raime hasa careening in your face facility for special effects and tends to exxagerate certain moments of conflict with cameras on dollys hurtling toward the actors and such and I gues its okay for Saturday afternoon schocl fests or Big budget "B" movies but ah I'd wish he'd develope some subtly and an eye for shading blah
blah nuance blah pacing blah open the apeture blah learn to fill the cinematic pallet with more than his myopic and manic cinematic savant facility - blah blibber blah
they should have compensated Stan Lee with a deal that reflects his 40+ years of contribution to that character - Stan Lee exiled God of Marveldom
relentless inner critic dollys should be dollies
gues should be guess
schocl should be shlock
xXx ...spiderman, does whatever a spider can!

....cant wait to see the 2nd installment, go spidy!
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