noone joseph is self-absorbed. joseph is angry. joseph is a bigot. joseph is redundant. joseph is conceited. joseph is foolish. joseph is short-sighted. joseph is cruel. joseph is callous. 000229
girl "...and the technicolor dream coat"
a horrible play
dean-bean I knew a Joe once. He was kind of maladjusted. I think he fixes cars for a living now. 000328
.sunshine. he was a skinny kid in 4th grade.

boy, he was good with origami.
nanny i knew two joey's when i was growing up. one was a nerd little kid who lived on the corner of my bestfriends road and owned a miniature lassie dog. the other was a chubby kid who mooned me at summer camp. 011110
asdf joseph is a guy, dreaming about a girl.
he sees his crush almost everyday in school.
waiting for a day to approach her.
joseph and kara will both be in christ for ever
oE oh man my brother...

a saint...

i'm pretty sure he's in heaven with andrew and uncle brooks
oldephebe There's an unwritten epitaph
that finally kissed the crown
of my well...
soul water..
gently at first
like poplar branches
tussled by wind...
carressing the rim of water..
the well that holds all those tears
for Joe...

It's one of the few songs that are finished and will be a highlight of the Autmnfyre CD Project. I'm trying to contact members of his graduating class at Upper Perkiomen High School for artifacts and exploits of that will appear on the single cover..and perhaps a private issue dvd containing interviews and personal recollections...

Joe was..
very very special
i still miss him
after all this time..
griefs murmer
has lain long in my ears...
Staind_And_Souless Good Luck
If I could, I'd be there.
... ....... ...... I'm still missin' you Joe.

Joseph Harris Walton

loved and missed by two mothers and hundreds of friends and family

he was pure, he was kind, he was patient with an overly curious brat
he gave up his bed for me when i couldn't climb to the top bunk because of an injury

there are so many GOOD things that i can say about him

my god, it still hurts to think about after all this time
i never saw him show anger, or talk back
or be irritated by my constant interuptions and incursions into his world....i worshipped Joe....
i don't think he understood that, and i didn't know how to say it
but God what hole his death tore out of me...mamma harris knows, she saw the sadness in my eyes 9, 11, 15 19, years after his i had to hide my face whenever she would bring him up in conversation, Joe..JOE was the GOOD son
and the only one it seemed who could really make her happy or send her into a rage...she loved him so fiercly but didn't know how to say it with her heart
she changed after Joe died, I saw even then what it took out of her, how it hardened her, how it made her more protective over all of us
the other kids didn't understand
but i did
i never saw her slope or bend her shoulders over anything or anyone or any kind of hardship
the way she did at the funeral
her sorrow was implacable
and heavy and it made her seem
heavier, i mean joe was like your
perfect big buddy
he wanted to become an architect
he'd build these split level homes
out of the detritus of those bleak
dandelion ridden back fields
stones and twigs and dirt and other
assorted i don't even have a word for it
but joe used it whatever he could find and built these models with his hands out of just stuff caught under the old john deer (tractor)
that was the end of bliss
and the beggining of blight
for me
i never shook joe's death off
i used to pray to him like i was
catholic and he was a saint
i used to be ashamed as a teenager
at some of the bad choices i made
and wondered if joe could see me
if he was ashamed of me in heaven
if he was just shaking his head sadly
i still sometimes wonder if joe is looking down on me
if he was proud of me for this accomplishment
or ashamed at my failure at that
i mean the old folks or the grown ups couldn't understand why i kept asking
why joe, why? why him and not a bad person? they didn't know how much i loved joe
mamma harris had an idea though
stephanie had a good idea
joe would have been the best father
a kid could ever hope to have
i'm sure every now and then someone in the old towne square will bring him up and first they'll laugh and then their voices will catch and they will
fight with their face to keep it from
falling apart

Joe was a Man even before he knew what bein' a man was all about
he saved two lives and sacrificed his own...I sure hope those guys that he saved have lived lives worthy of joe's sacrifice
BitterSweetDream The play after the last. It was different. It was amazing. But instead of getting attached to the play, I became attached to the people, and a relationship formed. It was a truely amazing time. 041207
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