startfires at the time. they were so very wrong.

i saw this on a graffiti video at the very end after the credits. it was an old newscast from the seventies i think. a huge whale had beached itself on the shore of an oregon town and it had been so long since this had happened that the townspeople had forgotten what you were supposed to do when you had a dead whale in your backyard.

they didn't have any equipment that could move the carcass further inland so it could be buried. if they buried it right there on the beach, the waves would eventually bring the whale back up and it would not be in a good state when that happened.

it was decided that the only thing that could be done was to blow the whale up with dynamite, blasting it into tiny peices that would be eaten by seagulls and other scavengers.

crowds gathered on the surrounding hills to see the event. children held balloons and sat on checkered picnic blankets waiting for the pyrotechnics. oh my. if only you could have seen this video. there was a huge explosion and a giant cloud of smoke/sand was all you could see for a few moments. then, small peices of debris fell to the ground. then, enormous, pony-sized chunks of rotting whale flesh came falling from the sky in all their glory.

the onlookers were spattered with blood and whale blubber. two cars were totaled, completely crushed by a giant hunk of whale. no one was injured by the flying carrion but i think some people may have been a little emotionally traumatized.

they gathered up the large peices and buried them inland. i think the moral of this story is dead rotting flesh + dynamite = no good things.
startfires oh, and those seagulls that were supposed to clean the place up? they were scared away from the area for weeks because of the explosion. 001209
The Schleiffen Man oh yes, the exploding whale.... i had the clip of that for the longest time, but i lost it... it was great... 001209
tourist I was going to tell about a stupid thing I had done as a kid, But I can't stop giggling about whale fallout! 001210
unhinged at the time to pick up the razor and part my skin into what would soon be beautiful white stripes, but now my mother knows and she worries...i never want my mother to worry about me

it seemed like a good idea to kiss his bare stomach...some dangerous things could have happened if his little brothers weren't there too...things i still want to the moment, he is the only one that i could ever have sex with that would mean anything in the end

it seemed like a good idea to invite him upstairs to share in our little party of contraband but i don't have my virginity anymore to prove that it wasn't

it seemed like a good idea to rest my head on his shoulder but when he jerked away i realized that it wasn't

every day seems like a good idea but then i always realize that they aren't
silentbob to go into the college dorm. to follow the music til we got to a guy named steve's room. to let underage kids drink steve's beer and let them stay while the sober people drove around some. it seemed like a good idea to hang out a little longer, and to let them say their goodbyes. but then sara didn't leave...and i still don't know if she ever got back, at this very moment. and jen and sam wanted to go back yesterday... i wonder if they did and if they regret it now. 001210
Shiftography yes it did, asshole, and don't you fucking forget it. like the last time you forgot it. and the time before that. and the way you kept right on scrubbing your balls. I could have told you myself that steel wool was not in fact a good idea. I could have told you a lot of things. But then, that's not why we're here. I believe that we're here because my ankle was ever-weighted with goldlets, and my wristal was ever-benighted with cold grubbery. And not just any cold grubbery. It is one of those subtler things... it could have been called from out the castle gates, and it also could have just been only remains of the Almighty Shriveled Raisin... baffling though it may seem... i love thee 010302
LIz Phair The little bull looked at the big bull and said," Let's go in that field and fuck all of those cows." 011211
mmmm BEEFY! let's run down into that field and fuck one of those cows

then the old bull says, no, lets walk down and fuck em all
sab they always do
and i leap upon them joyously
and attempt to ride them to the end

never thinking things through
always thinking on the fly
making up excuses as the events fly by
always on the back foot
because, in these kinds of things
i act faster than i think

i often act faster
than you think
i often act faster
than they can think

im often on the back foot
and making shit up as i go
but at least im decisive
and on the move

if you keep moving, said picasso,
death will never catch you

lets see how far
how fast
i can go



what's it to you?
who go