moonshine From what I've seen and read tonight. I think I'd have to say shes probably one hell of a groovy chick, and a relief from the latest blathes. 010122
twiggie I have to agree with you, from reading what she's written lately she does seem like one groovy chick. 010122
Megan she seems to say exactly what I'm thinking... 010122
sabbie .:blinks:.

thank you!

look ma! a blather page of my own to love and hug and pat and call.. sabbie.

wow. i feel all fuzzy.

and moonshine? i love how you write. your 'dance' was really beautiful.

.:grins:. but thank you to all my fans.
mikey sabbie is adorable , keenly expressive , sincere.

sabbie is one of the names i actually look for to read from.
god thanks lots sab 010522
unhinged yes, thanks dear 010524
florescent light we miss you
our dear sabbie
please come back and share
sabbie boink!

back with a vengenance! though im not a vengful kinda gal.

all i had to do was sticky tape the computer back together and growl and bare my teeth anytime a computer geek comes near it with a gleam in his eye and itchy fingers minutly twiching in anticipation that he might take my computer (and its net connection) apart again like he did for a week last time.

back! back i say you nasty geek boy!

*Ziima* "You sabbie, me sabbie...QueQueg"
-Moby Dick by Herman Melville
fogmuse i await you in the shadows behind you. 011025
Dafremen I AM that nasty geek boy! Slide over much gro0vy sistah!
We must upgrade! Upgrade! UPGRADE! BUUUUWAHAHAHA!!!!

Is that sticky tape?!
daxle I was thinking to myself "how could I mention that I heart sabbie without being another annoying blatherer?"
and then I answered myself "I AM an annoying blatherer, just should just fine her name under blue."
I like sabbie.
sabbie thank you daxle! ive done some reasurch and i think i can now say with positivity that i can now spell your name correctly..

but if you dont want to heart, how about kidneys? or spleen? upper miridian? or left lower front lung pocket?

theres always alternatives you know...
birdmad yes, sabbie is good.

the magpies are my relatives (corvids)

makes me wish i could perch on the roof of my building and spend my lunch hour swooping people for kicks
sabbie hey birdman, each swoop gets you 5 points.

a clump of hair gets you 10.

if you score blood you get 30.

i shall expect your scorecard by the end of the day, and a ( account here:

cube Point taken and accepted. Have you never been guilty of arrogance on occassion (see get_away_from_me)?

However, i sense a deeper hostility towards me in your retort than my one transgression warrants...
a dingo ate my birdmad 40 points, a few swoops (5) no clumps of hair, and i'll take half of the drawn blood score since i didn't draw it directly but someone tripped and lacerated themselves trying to get away from a rather menacing swoop

it was fun
boy Sometimes Sabbie is extremely annoying. 020205
boy ....and sometimes she's not

but sometimes she is!

arrrrrr..i cannot make up my damn mind
sabbie cube: not everyone needs guru advice all the time. some days i get tired of people who not only know all the answers but are graious enough to gift others with their great and wonderous knowledge.

boy: stop your masqurading as someone youre not. try hitching up your pants and using your own name when offering such opinions .:shurgs:. anyways, life is not a popularity contest and i am not here simply to entertain you.

birdmad: swoop a couple for me. try to aim for some poor students. its nice to be on the other side for once, isnt it? oh quick! look! get the one who is looking the other way! thatll teach em!
Mahayana hey boy!...
[geeze that felt like i was on a farm calling someone or i was being redneckish to my child or something] hey boy!...

anyhow...boy, i respect your opinion and in respecting it i shall honor it by offering mine.

sabbie just fucking rocks...which doesnt even cover the half of it just by saying sabbie you fucking rock!!!

sabbie rocks:
a]rocking chairs
b]80's rockers
e]rocks in socks
f]saint peter and saint paul rocks
i]hard right hands to the left cheeks
l]rock candy [mmm munchies on this on]

p]anything else rock-related i have overlooked

point being [sabbie] i love you & of [[[course]]] what you blathe... so just keep on keeping on cuz you are wonderful ... full of wonderment
. . 040513
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