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ClairE Joan_Jett is dead_sexy.

Lita_Ford is staring at me from my computer screen.
unhinged my high school's winter dance was a sade hawkin's dance...the girls were supposed to ask the boys. i asked him and he stopped talking to me. i was his security blanket. nothing more. i admitted my feelings to him and he said that i made him feel like an ass. that i was smart and he envied me and didn't want to make me cry. to him, being in love with me was a joke. he would never say that to someone over the internet. ha. he said he wanted to spend all his time with me and i stopped talking to him. his tunisian french was beautiful in the middle of the hot sweaty night but his visa expired the next day. we started talking again and when i wouldn't take off my clothes for him two days in a row i suddenly became everything he wasn't looking for in a girl. she was looking for a nice girl. scouring the ends of the earth or maybe just the gay bar scene and then she found him and i didn't hear a word for months. i told her that i loved her and nothing changed. she rolled over towards me in a drunken stupor and suddenly i was everything she ever wanted even though she was hoping he would knock on the door and find someone else in her bed. to her, love was the light that shined brightest on her stage to let everyone know how wonderful she was. he should have been in love with me and he didn't know why he wasn't and i still remember the crack that the airplane made in my heart. the last time we stopped talking was because he was afraid his girlfriend might be pregnant. for some reason, he thought that i had forgotten. he lived with her you know. cared for her more than anything. 020313
jackie "holy hand grenade of antioch" mc cracken but, it's just a little bunny rabbit 020313

did you ever want to just leave? Were you ever afraid to go to the train station because you didn't have enough money for a two-way ticket and you didn't think anything would stop you from buying one-way and never coming back? Did you know that it didn't matter, because there was nothing here for you, and there was nothing there for you, and the thing you want to run away from most is yourself. Your mind. Your own worst enemy. Your only enemy.

... Yeah, that's what I thought.
Invisible Butterfly i do this this way to much...i guess i'll never learn...i'm such a stupid gurl..sumbodie needs to smack sum sense into me before i run away from everything and never turn back 020525
starved get away,
run a-way,
how do i?
girl_jane I really should start facing my problems. 020526
princess I don't run away, I just change directions. 020611
Dafremen see also: JUST_RUN_AWAY 020611
eq127 i can't seem to find myself 020611
Annie111 I took a trip to Florida
$100 and a new pair of flip flops
Carrying my life by sturdy fibrous handles
It's not fair for love to feel this way
I want a kitten called Marcy
A cup full of sunshine
To wake up across a double-bed from you
Sunlight streaming across our bodies in the thick drunken air
I want a son to swaddle in cotton
and watch him lay in the crook of your strong, brown arm.

Dreams are facetious, quivering and barely possible. It doesn't stop us from imagining that in one set of realities, they would be true.
x but i know it will be better if i stay 030219
Perspective_Of_Soul Do not stroll, do not walk.
Do not for a moment believe that such things shall not happen.
Actually, stroll all you like for you could never run fast enough.
stork daddy so what would it solve if i ran away. nothing...but then neither would it compound anything. not like i'd become a writer and live how i want to live. no matter where i go the problems are the same. i might as well face them here in the company of friends and enemies. 050907
three words responsible run_away escape_reality 140209
flowerock when you run make sure you run to something and not away from, 'cause lies don't need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere... 140209
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