Love is real
Real is love
Love is feeling
Feeling love
Love is wanting to be loved

Love is touch
Touch is love
Love is reaching
Reaching love
Love is asking to be loved

Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
You can be

Love is free
Free is love
Love is living, living, living love
Love is needing to be loved

Love is you
You and me
Love is wanting
To be free

Love is knowing you will be

...'Love' was written by John Lennon


Pain is real
Real is pain
Pain is feeling
Feeling pain...

...Pain is knowing you will never be

I keep listening to that song over and over again. Will someone please take the remote out of my hand, and depress the repeat button once again, because I can't do it. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't see the button for my tears.

It's 6am in the morning. Why can't I just fall into an exhausted sleep. Why can't someone just make me laugh. Why is no one here to hold me...
rhin 'love is like the wind. i can't see it, but i can feel it' 030311
delial like music, invisible but everywhere? striking a chord deep within! making you sing along at times, making you want to change the station at others ... inspiring you in many ways, haunting your dreams...
making you wonder who really wrote this tune, and how it affects you so.

well, I'd have to say you're a beautiful song I could listen to for hours, and i'm so happy i get to hear it live, very soon.
jane like oxygen

i just want to hear ewan_mcgregor say it
Unbridled My favorite comic strip.
I actually have a srapbook
filled with hundreds of
these clippings
Cheesy, I know
but they
make me smile
smurfus rex looking not at each other, but in the same direction.

can't remember who said that exactly.
nomatter cruel 031018
nom love is evol 031018
wingedSerpent it's a crime, if anything 031019
phil I wonder what you think crime is. 031019
nom i wonder what is is 031019
phil you know what is is. 031019
nom is is what is is 031019
phil thad itn't 031125
phil (but you left it out)

Love is ...
all you really need.
puredream What I got from you. 040716
Strideo *looks at the side of a "love is . . ." collectable glass*

Love is . . .

giving and forgiving.

Love is . . .

the greatest feeling you can feel.
kimbo jones sometimes simply pretending it's not...
that's what it is
somebody a leading cause of suicide 050501
Lemon_Soda Obsession.

But that doesn't make it a bad thing.
pobodys nerfect ***A poem i wrote for an assignment back when i was still in highschool.
I nearly drove myself crazy trying to come up with something all week just to get the assignment done,but to no avail.

Then in the wee hours of Monday morning when i was just about ready to give up,the first verse came to me,and my hand flew across the page trying to get it down before i forgot the words.

I've tried writing poetry before,and normally hate all the results,but i'm so damn proud of this one. I think i did a really good job with it. =) ***

"Love Is"

Love is like an open fire,
You sometimes get burned in the heat of desire.

Love has no eyes,
It cannot see...
Love can sometimes corner you,
Where it knows you cannot flee.

Love is a clock with missing hands.
It knows no time,
Love isn't planned.

Love has strength to last forever,
Love brings opposite people together.

In short,love is paradise.
But beware,you have to give to get--
Love is also sacrifice.
not dot . 050502
not god babies, a rainbow
gravestone cicada
Allanna Miles what you want it to be.... 050503
a thimble in time Love is a ring you wear around your heart
Lust: a chain you wear around your neck

I traced a circle on her chest
I slid my lips across her throat
three words a_sad_sight love_is deep_water 060312
billy corgan To my mistakes,
to my mistakes of cowardice
She shimmy shakes,
the jimmy jakes of consequence
Born of the airs and dues,
my airs of madness do declare
That it's ok, it's love
It's what you wanted to see,
it's who you wanted to be
For what you needed to need,
she'll make it up
Love, it's who you know

Machine gun blues,
her vacant rush is so steel
I'm unaware,
lost inside your visions
I got mine too over,
I got mine and I got you
Cause I know you, you're love

It's what you wanted to see,
it's who you wanted to be
For what you needed to need,
she'll make it up
Love, it's who you know

Can I look up to you
as you look down on me
Can I feel in to you
as you felt in to me
I can't help what you see,
I can't help but to be
For what I needed to need,
she'll make it
Love, it's who you know
hsg "love_is" the capacity for fearful_dirt to dance into continue_us_bliss. 090110
In_Bloom It just is
Not always at the right time or place
You can have it and not be able to get to it
You can have it and not feel just in getting to it
You can have it and give yourself over
unhinged sacrifice
ending someone else's suffering in spite of your own
the thing that breaks AND heals

je_ne_regrette_rien (red)
because without knowing you
i still might not know
how beautiful i am
in a silent way love is a mammal on roller skates. a versatile skunk. it can be cute and cuddly. a companion. it can also spray vile shit in your face without warning.

love is the weapon that wounds you, and the clot that stops the bleeding.

love is not quite evil in reverse.

love means something different to everyone.

love is what you make it (so said the isley brothers).
unhinged a caged bird railing against the bars of it's cage 130106
h is g enu ime elusive_for_your_own_good 130107
tail-devouring snake thaw
the threshold
what's it to you?
who go