Wayne All my friends are just buzzing in my ears. Give me a chance to write something myself ok?


I feel a lot better now.
clara Please just fuck off
Leave me alone
Iím ignoring emails
Iíve unplugged the phone

I tried so hard
To nudge things along
Did I move too quickly?
Come on too strong?

I donít understand you
Do you aim to confuse?
I thought you enjoyed
Those wild nights of booze

We seemed to get close then
But if I phoned the next day
Youíd go silent, ignore me
What game do you play?

Please fuck off
Just leave me to be
The moment has passed now
Canít you see?
kx21 In_search_of_Nothing? 010228
carden a Killing Heidi song 010426
yoink I won't pick up the phone.
and i won't listen to messages.
left by someone who calls up and says, I don't like how you're living your life, get yourself a wife, get yourself a job, you're living a dream, don't you be a slob...slob...SLOB weezer
little wonder "so where do you go to school?"
(can anyone really think of a more uninteresting question to ask every single person of schooling age they meet?)
"studio academy"
"where's that?"
"in rochester."
[insert laugh at jessi here] "where in rochester?"
"north part of town...[hesitate] by silver lake"
[insert another laugh at jessi] "where by silver lake?"
(it's not that FUCKING BIG! there aren't that many places by silver lake a school could be hiding!!!)
"off of broadway. on 7th i think. i'm not sure."
"ohhh ok"

lost little wonder, are you talking about rochester new york? 020221
silentbob this_is_me_blowing_you_off 020221
birdmad don't try to wake me in the morning 020222
little_wonder No. 020222
little wonder that was not me. ?? 020301
yummyC you've had your fun. 020302
gelfling I think I would almost never cry
or feel the pain which I presently condone,
if kind open words only flew from your mouth,
and if you would never leave me alone.
blown cherry fuck, the more I think about it, the more true I realise it is.
I don't know what I lose when that happens,
is it really wrong to feel happy so often when being angry is so much a part of who you are?
Or perhaps it's just the way that I have grown used to being because of all the time I have spent alone.
I don't understand me when I am happy.
Placid and cheerful, sometimes even polite.
So starkly different from the angry me.
Anger is so familiar,
but how can it be wrong to be happy?
If I am not angry, does that really mean I am no longer me? Does that even make sense?
Argh! Can someone please write a book that explains me in short words and big writing and post it to me? Better post another one so my happy self can read it after my angry self has torn it to shreds and burned it.
nyemalenkayadusha goddamn you! leave me the fuck alone, why cant everyone just leave me alone? stop acting like you know who i am... you have NO FUCKING CLUE WHO I AM. 030126
jane why did you leave me alone? you know i wanted you to stay 030127
blown cherry please, I've been at a fucking reception desk all day with no end of interruptions so I can get nothing done. The I come home, stqarving, and all I want to do is cook my dinner in peace and finally be alone for a bit. But no. I come home and from the moment I open the front door I am followed from room to room, and pestered with questions that don't need to be asked, useless points of information which mean nothing, and all I want is to be left alone. Please, please please I need some quiet.
I just want to have a bit of food.
Please leave me alone so I can have some food without crying to be alone.
unhinged or better yet, i'll leave town

in three weeks
on the road So the discussion yielded that happiness attracts. She smiles, that's why people stick to her.
She does NOT want to be bothered. She wants to learn what she wants to learn, and never stop smiling.
She cut her pretty hair off in another effort to be invisible.
Why do they want to take away her smile too?
Why won't they leave me alone?
They scare me. They remind me of things in the past. I want them to stay away.
pSyche I'll sleep in the bathtub again, to enforce it.

No, I don't care that this means you can't go to the bathroom. Go to the neighbors.
I'm sick of hearing your words.
what's it to you?
who go