weepy it kills me 000123
trakie walkin down the sidewalk and people don't even attempt to conceal their distainful glances at me. cause i don't dress like them, walk like them, act like them. no, i guess i'm not at all like those people. i at least have the decency not to stare at someone merely because they are different from me. and i want to shout at them "don't look at me like that, i'm a person too," but when i do, more people start to stare. 000229
calliope but take a step back
look at yourself
make sure you don't degrade those who aren't good enough for you
the way you smirk when someone says something
all others who don't believe what you believe are damned
for eternity
i guess it's just the curse
everyone is a minority
a victim of everyone else
medea at least they aren't saying 'smile' anymore 000405
MollyCule that was beautiful,and full of truth, calliope 000519
birdmad on the other hand...

feel free to look at me like that, but know that the moment i feel your stare burning through my skin the way it was meant to, i will return it with the same contempt and know that in my own heart i feel just as superior to you as you to me

how do you like it?
does it taunt you like your reflection in the mirror?

Yeah, that's what i thought.
silentbob like i'm a parasite. like i'm worthless
i said dont look at me like that!
like i'm a problem. like i need to be fixed.
Get a fucking cellular phone!
Zoe don't look at me like i am a piece of fucking meat! i would like to be thought of as an actual person for once in my damn life! 000716
weepy ...this filled up kinda quick... 000724
silentbob over 6 months..... 000724
Wayne makes me feel sad
teenage girls, young women
can't just go down any street and
enjoy a walk in peace
have to take another route

stared down by leering men
abused without touch

growing up with the resentment
of disrespect from others

Ninny Nu Nu what are you sorry for?
what is that guilt?
don't say sorry,
nobody can change this world,
you can only change yourself, and how you treat others,
the more people that do it,
the more people catch a good vibe and the disease spreads,
hopefully into world peace one day.
dovenightmare No matter how hard I scrub, I still exist.


unhinged i hate it when i'm driving down the road and i catch people staring at me as they are driving past. FUCK YOU...stop looking at me. i'm just driving down the road asshole. 010513
sabbie i have had soul.brothers before but never before this day have i had soul.birdman. 020103
kerry sometimes my mother looks at me like i'm a rodent. or at my guitar and cds like they're roadkill or dog shit tossed into my room for safekeeping. it makes me really sad when she acts like that. 020103
ClairE I don't love you anymore. 020103
kelli crane when i show up too late
and run over the cat
then drive through the house
don't look at me like that.

if i'm famished to death
and swallow a bat
then puke on your couch
don't look at me like that.

'cause i might fly down the chimney
and knock you out flat
and then you'll remember.....
don't look at me like that
fli Don't look at me in that tone of voice. 020115
Arwyn it makes me blush.. then people wonder what i'm thinking... 020116
sabbie it makes me go all squidgy 020327
girl_jane Gracious-I'll never get home at this rate... 020327
silentbob staring at blank walls 020327
Syrope ever again. i dont care if you *have* seen me naked, you dont have to make me feel like im always unclothed. 020327
sabbie its breaking my heart 020503
Anna_In_Reverse It makes me want to eat you. 030116
krimilda i can't guess what you're thinking... i can't put words into those eyes... i won't be able to stop looking at you in my own way 030116
forever endeavor when your eyes are at their greenest
even though they're usually blue.
There's something you need to say.
I can see it in your eyes, but you're afraid.
of me.
luscious don't look at me like that
with your tongue between my thighs
mid afternoon, I fall for you
mid day, mid compromise

so don't look at me like that
unless it's more than that today
because it can't be love
if you can go without

don't look at me like that
your arms beneath my back
you dive into me like a sunny day
I'll only let you down
blown cherry . 030117
haibird when you look at me like that it makes me want to make a big screaming scene. But that's all you expect of me, that's why you stare at me like that. Because you couldn't possibly get it through your fucking head that this is not my fault, I did'nt cause this. 030117
ferret i beckon the stares, let them come at me with full force i can take it. only fight if first fought against. do you think that you can take the retalliation? i know what you feel inside, who is this freak staring back at me? why does he make me feel BAD?! why oes he make me feel threatened, it's because i'm a better person than you, now stop staring. it's rude 030117
girl_jane_singing_jewel It just makes me want to make you near me always. 031211
brain stew 'don't look at me like that.'

'like what?'

'like *that*, there, THAT!'


'aaaah! yeah!'

'why not?'

'because i'll want to kiss you and then we'll have a problem.'

'oh.well. why don't you?'

spoken:) or i'll touch you like this mmmmmmmmm you likey lol 090418
unhinged i'm_out

(somehow i got old)
In_Bloom No
Do keep looking at me like that
I'll figure out tomorrow when it gets here
what's it to you?
who go