if i could talk id tell you sure, i'll say i do - but in actuality,
i don't care what they are
i couldn't care less, really.
does that piss you off?
well it pisses me off.
maybe it's time to go.
if i could talk id tell you but if i left, would that mean that i cared about the consequences? 020128
daffy duck once said "consequences, schmonsequences, as long as im rich"

i have been thinking this past couple of days and consequences are prim, tight expensivly suited bastards all walking around with disapproving looks on their faces and when they find something they can latch onto they suddenly grow great big sharp razorspikes and ripping great teeth and they cause bruising and bleeding and i bet their not even hygenic cos these wounds are gunna fester.
Kleh Ver ~

If only I were as terrified as I should be when I am about to do something rancid.

I wonder if I would do it anyway. . .

I think, sometimes, I would. That makes me sad.

je5icafletcher reaping the consequences of abortion. terror now. i think. confusion. where is my sister? my brother? hmmm. not understanding 030206
scuzz Right paths are false hopes that beg one's worry. Think not of what should have been pursued, for a life without consequences earns no maturity. Choose then the wrong path? or trust in blue skies' consistency? I beg no commas. 030503
ferret consequences, they were all around me today, i think that i might have challenged God unknowingly, sorry. I feel that i will find the right path though. i did something classified as "rancid" today, i begged God to forgive me even before i did it. now i am fixing it. Or at least trying to, it's an addiction. i can't stop it, only hold it at bay for a period of time. i would tell someone about it but i fear the CONSEQUENCES. the consequences would outway the benefits, what are consequences? what is a rule? a rule is something that someone declares is right. just because something is a law, doesn't make it right. i learned that today. the system needs to die. die die die!!!!!!!!!!! 030503
scuzz Maybe another day. Yeah, I'll tell him tomorrow. She doesn't need to know right now. He'll only get mad at me again, then where will I go? If she finds out from someone else, I won't have to deal with telling her, but how could I ever tell them? How would they tell her? He doesn't want me to worry, so can I tell you? He doesn't want me to stress, so can I trust you? He wants me to be happy and at peace, so would you comfort me? 030505
alvin always forgotten. 030509
ferret you can trust me 030510
joda Am I wrong?
Have i run too far to get home?

Have I gone?
And left you here alone?
metanamtrg Im leaving Wensday after a sesion will be gone for I dont know for how long hope to see you when I return takin AJ with me he needs love so cant leave alone
miss you see you latter
Toxic_Kisses WHAT?!?!?

Why are you doing this, you know I'm returning on Sunday, is this like some sort of revenge or something for not being able to come back as soon as -you- want me to? I can't help that! haven't you read your e-mail

E-mail me back theres no need to air this out @ blather
Toxic_kisses Ohhh I see what your doing, your just reversing the tables, going "well we'll just see how -she- likes it" you know what go for it then! I never expected or asked you to wait for me, that was a decision of your own making so I don't see why you'd take it out on me! 030915
eliese not worth that many fucking letters.
Do this.
Don't do that.
and always...
rage more.
out_of_it im too tired to realise how stupid i am which is bliss for now but i know it'll hurt when it comes back and bites me in the ass. why does everything have to have consequences? it takesthe fun out of the moments and ruins being spontaneus 040415
misstree anarchy's rules, the building blocks
that make almighty societies.
there are rivers through them that laugh as they travel.
copypaste the harmless by-products of having a good time, all the time. 071221
delial I never thought I'd see the day you'd be struggling so hard with these consequences you've pulled down on top of your own head. it's like the kaleidoscope of your personality has shifted a few times since we last met...I'm not sure how to respond. 071221
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