silentbob Desire ducked fluidly under trashcans and discarded newspapers, avoiding deftly the gaze of putresense and other forms of rougery. 040404
sameolme she beckoned softly, urgently...
Come, come.....
Lets go eat grass and puke.
silentbob she manuevered herself between walking legs and crossed the crosswalk at the appropriate time to not be run down by vehicular stupidity. a hand graced her slickedback fur. she let it thumb her ears. 040404
sweetheart of the song tra bong She found food waiting for her outside a restaurant dumpster. She had always depended on the kindness of strangers. 040404
silentbob Licking the grease off a red crumpled napkin, she pointed her ears back without realizing and she was in heaven. She licked her paws and rubbed her face. Satisfaction.
Suddenly, something caught the corner of her eye. She stopped short. She stared.
What was that she spied? a tender little mouse, scurrying across the alley's cobblestone floor.
she got in her position, twitched her tail twelve times... and pounced.
kookaburra "squeak, i say, and squeak again!" the prim little mouse said, but it was too late--(the following carnage was been deleted due to its power to corrupt young minds such as myself) 040408
Borealis Her carnal appetite sated for the time being, Desire went along her way for some time.
Upon rounding a blind corner, distracted by an overweight hotdog vendor, dressed in a gaudy red and white apron, and dealing out magnificent morsels of mouthwatering meat, Desire was distraught to find herself in a similar position to our late mouse.
Dodging between crates, and around the unbeknownst legs of hurrying strangers off to their respective proper places in society, on and on she ran. Where Desire once may have mused among her wandering thoughts pertaining to the ridiculous habits of these beings, at present, she had more critical things occupying her mind.
Run kitty, run..don't let the puppy dog get you..he's biting your ankles..your tender little paws
silentbob Eventually the sun began to rise and she had to find a place to rest for the day. Unseen. Unbeknownst.
She explored her options:
the park had many secret nooks in which to hide.
she could perhaps find a garage in a residential area.
some dogs, but in fences.
she could slink into an open apartment building unnoticed.
but she thought she might try her usual spot which was...
silentbob ...under an old broken down truck that had not been moved in a generation. It was located outside the city off the highway near a pond. She crawled beneath its behemoth structure, trunk composed mostly of rusted metal, stripped near the point of skeletal.
she padded the soft earth undearneath and purred, her ears struck back. she circled three times, licked herself clean, and slept, the light of the sun reflecting in the dew drops on the tall green grass.
silentbob Next morning she heard voices of the young. She stretched her paws and flexed her claws and with her cat reflexes she climbed up into the old truck.
someone was coming.
"One two.. buckle my shoe.."
she sang
"Three four.. shut the door.."
it continued.
"Five six... pixie sticks..."
It was a human child. female. red hair. polka dot dress. her instincts told her to flee. but she knew this child could do no harm. she let herself be seen.
vituperus insipid 040502
silentbob ?thank you? 040505
silentbob It gasped and approached her gracelessly, but slow. her hands out, her ten digits flexing and dropping, opening and closing like crab claws, and she was cooing softly.
"honey honey honey honey honey honmey hummy hummy money shhh shhhhhhh"
desire darted in place and all her hair stood on end and the girl reacted by stopping fast.
desire calmed down and closed her eyes and opened to them in approval of the child.
"shhh shhhhhh"
she let herself be pet.
stroked on the back, pulled the tail just a bit, rubbed behind the ears, desire laid belly up in the dirt and moved back and forth scratching her back. the girl rubbed her tummy. desire found herself purring.
mourninglight purring but not revelling, desire soon tired of the little tugs on her fur, and the clumsy crab claw fingers of the child. When more arrived at the threshold of her vision she promptly retreated;
back to her world.
one of trashcans and dumpsters, strangers, and enemies.
live food and dead food.
she would never know the life of the housecat: pampered and teased, with a full bowl of mechanically engineered food and fresh water every morning, a human being to guard, and mrewl at and follow around the house when she tired of the dust and afternoon shadows..

some things are too contained, too clean to bear
silentbob She found herself licking the rotting eye of a cod that a fishmonger had dropped near the bay.
Twas a good meal, for now.
stork daddy she perched on her haunches, trying to give off an air of disinterest, sophistication. everyone who knew anything about her, or cats, knew that she was hungry, instinctual, and hunting. her eyes darted as her breathing slowed. 050914
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