typhoid reese’s peanut butter cups own your soul
find a hole
respond diligently to desire
for a lost tail of dove tales…
responsibility is for donut men
who quietly depart the fen
with sacks of mushrooms for the fire
where tomorrow we will .. kiss?
ketonicla what will come of today? tomorrow? what will everyone be doing? where will we be? with whom? infinite imaginings! 001217
clown for president at the delicate things
wouldn't conclude.
couldn't choose anything

or. choose wonder.

where you couldn't say anything
while you gaze into a vast expansion,
and don't forget it,
that nonetheless twists you a bit
into that all too familiar zone-
om om om.
shantih nod.

i have one supremely joking diet Coke
fardreams why me?
why now?
why here?
why this?
Tybay I fall into a gaze like a razOR maybe its an assumption like a nice winter fALL people have some comfort devICE in my blood raining down on my bUS is a word that does not exist, i think some wish it dI'D rip apart all of these pAGES consume your view of living in this plACE is what you are when it comes to horrible choices 010508
nocturnal if I should take my work out of this room with the evil magnetic machine that won't let me do anything. never been in that study lounge before, not kidding. first time for everything. but it's so quiet in there. I hate silence. I can always come back if it doesn't work out. I really have to study for this shit. seriously. this time next week, I'll be home. I can't wait! 010508
god spontaneous human combustion... 010508
angie What is really going to happen with all of this?
I fell into a head on collision while I was staring into the rearview mirror.
Hit by you.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
What is it about us that allows us to talk for 5 hours straight?
Why do we have this connection that I haven't felt with anyone before?
You make me smile, ear to ear, I am yours.
Amazing how the time passes...we are too wrapped up in eachother to notice.
Of all people...me...I could go on forever.
You are so tall.
We are so funny together.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
ferret wondering makes up most of my days now. i wonder about everything. i wonder what you are. who you are. if you hide it as well as i do because you are. or aren't. if you know all of this because i want you to or because you want to. if you researched it for my sake or for yours. i wonder right now if you really are. i don't know. i guess that's why i'm wondering. STOP SNORING! thank you!. oh wow, i just put a period after and exclamation point. i must be really tired! lol how_much_mith_you_got 030616
god is it really stalking, if jane fonda is going to marry you? 030616
trixie jane fonda seems kinda like a prude. a little katie couric-esqu... sorry 030616
zzZzzZZzz... wondering whats happening with my friend
wondering if shes lying in a hospital bed drugged up to keep her from slitting her wrists again
wondering if i could have helped her
wondering why she didn't come to school again
wondering why i'm on the computer crying helplessly to myself
wondering why i'm comforting myself with false hopes
wondering what it'd be like at her funeral
wondering if i'd be able to deal with life without her
wondering if anyone else is feeling the same as i am now
wondering if my boyfriend thinks i'm crazy because i'm stressed so much
wondering if he is believing the things he is telling me
wondering if he even understands the pressure i'm under right now
wondering if he knows the simple solutions aren't any help at all
wondering if i've gone off track from when i started writing this
wondering if this makes any sense
wondering if this is all pointless even talking on here about it
. it is .
andewithane wondering... 031207
silentbob is one of the faces in one of these crowds you walking to or from a class?
do you walk in crowds of people or think of places i might be and wonder which of them is me?
do you pick one out you like and imagine i'm him, going to class or coming from work?
do you see one you hate, fear that i'm him, and spend the rest of the day crying alone in your room?
flowerbed on a cloud ahhh to wonder...is he...^^

*sings* it's just...a little crush....

*blush* right...^^
no reason maybe it's not a good sign if you have to wonder so much 071019
get real can you tell me what you would become if you don't wonder ? 071019
ambermoon why things r not always as they seem 090421
In_Bloom "It's only just a crush, it'll go away
It's just like all the others it'll go away
Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know"

Well, I know...
what's it to you?
who go