sabbie makes me feel all squidgy when people call me that...

i like it.
squidgyfarmfidgy hey makes me all squidgy when you calls me squishy farmfishy. 020111
yoink nobody has ever called me that 020111
unhinged so you think you might still come to pennsylvania soon sab?

looks like several of us want to spend real_time with you
yoink you have relationships outside of blatherland? i want to be cool, too! 020112
sabbie you know, it started out jsut being a sabbatical to the uk. now its become a transcontenetal conga line and i jsut rang out of pineapple juice! but i have another can right here, its farmfish brand, imported from fyngula and although my can opener is a little weird and it kinda unhinges the lid rather that cutting it open, theres plenty for everyone.

me raid cupboard now. me much hungry. mm. pineapple chunks.

me weird myself out sometime.

...sweets, i think thats a yes.
farmfish hey sab, just woke to a funky dream, never have i seen a foto of ya, no biggie, but somehow me knews it was you, and we was in my parents' house in
mount pleasant flingin' paint on the walls. with our hands and blowin' it about with our breath...
beautiful it was.
sabbie wow! now im one the_dream_girls for someone. thankee skrinkeefarmfinkee!

you reckon your mum might let us fingerpaint her walls for real? promise her she can help and that it'll be all prudy when we finish...

go ask her!
unhinged i just want to hear you talk.... 020113
unhinged and your_voice is beateous 030103
god my new favorite cereal is "gourd bursts"

i enjoy them with dinner theater.

keep up the good work!
oh gods,
when i grow up . . .
farmfish sAb!
oh my freaking God! the red wine faeries speak highly of thee oh gothic one!
darling...i can't wait to beginn corresponding with you.

look for water on your email monday morning and shit.

and me mum would surely let us be fingerpaintin' her wall.
unhinged my dear

how has all this time treated you?
sabbie time?

time makes my hair dye grow out
it gathers trash in the corners of my kitchen
it allows for more spiderwebs and dust under my furniture
it melts the icecream left out on the bench
it dries the wetness in my art
the paint
the glue
it slowly breaks down my clothing
it slowly bends my back
it starts to wear out my video tapes
and my rugs
it crusts up my bluetac and makes the stuff fall off the walls
it breaks the stitches in my sewing
makes brittle the plastic in my sunglasses
it slows my computer with every second
it yellows the pages of my books
and fades the ink in my posters and calander
it seeps the coloured dye from my clothing
and slowly sags the glass in my windows
it collects dust and deposits it on my bedding and curtians
and peels the paint from my celings and walls
it groadies up the stove jsut a little more each day
and peels the teflon from my pans
it stains my cracked bath
and darkens my tiles
while bleaching my photos back to white
it wipes my memories
and hardens my skin
the teflon places collect in my head
and i'm getting more scarred
every day

time is death
and i think it's slowly killing me
unhinged i would love to signpost something for you but the more i link it the more it comes up when he googles himself....

it is cold and snowy here in the northern hemisphere. they don't clear the roads and the snow turns grey and slushy.

new place, same misery.
sab is an imposter 040720
DMP@AIP said i once was and will always be chrity

who's chrity?
sab do some checking.

all we know about chrity is here on blather.

make it a game
pretend you have some initiative and see what you can find out for yourself
pipedream sabbie on a sabbatical....meehee

(sorry, i meant to be deep and wise but thats all that came out)
thunderbuck ram Hi Sab. I'm new to blather and took some time to read some of your stuff. I was at times greatly moved. You have a precious gift with words. 040826
sab [waves airily]

its not precious, it was free.

came with the terrortory
in fact, it was here when i moved in

and its never even paid rent.

its on a good deal, i think
and in return, all its gotta do
is live inside my head
with me.

lucky bastard.

the cool thing is that occasionally we organise it so i can go on holidays and it fills in for me, takes out the trash, washes the dishes and dusts the blinds, that kind of thing.

and i bring it back spoons
it likes spoons.
somebody you are one of the oddest monsters ive ever come across 040828
somebody Is your ethnic heritage part aboriginal, by any chance? 061212
sab and there you go
the oddest question ive been asked all morning

i'll answer that, if you answer
what specifically makes you wonder that?
sab AHAHAHA...

wait, let me guess

you read this:
and thought that?

am i right?
auburn is where? 080201
auburn I miss. 080205
blather tape

Mahayana would probably like you to see this and for you to know they were calling to you.
what's it to you?
who go