Quintessensual away to paris

oh, lets meet there
where we will
in the city of winds
but not stop
'till we've been carried
away to paris
blue, some
white, we will see
red, spontaneous

Copr. 1999
tumbo Place to go when you want to:
* Get away from home for a couple of days
* Do domething romantic with your gril.
* Meet Dick
* Do some really cool driving
* Take the Thalys to france. Haha.
* See the eiffel tower for the millionth time
* Kiss a girl on that bridge with the gold statues
* Pay EU 10 for a 25 cl beer. Ripoffs.
lemonade paris is ignoring me. he's mad because he feels neglected. i can't really blame him, but i don't really care for this elitist attitude he has toward me all of a's much nicer when we are cliqued together, snubbing the outsiders, sharing telepathic laughter...

anyway, worse than being snubbed by the little cabbage head, he's friendly toward enemy roommmate...pangs of jealousy....

i don't think i could bear it if he played getthekitty with anyone other than me...
klairchen the black boatneck sweater with the embroidered red rose on the shoulder has given to me an array of compliments and inquiries about it's origin. it is quite sinfull and fun to answer.... 030623
the sinful life
of paris hilton
ethereal i will forever hold angst towards you paris.

City of love?

City that stole my love.
white_wave i've never been to paris. never even been to France. but i love the perfume called paris. it reminds me of being young. i knew this oriental woman who wore it. it smelled like i imagine it would feel to be in the most fashionable part of paris. 040307
pete i think of this city and i see struggle and i see blood. i see the people standing behind the barricades. i see my self standing there without any tears or fears. i see the french army marching in to destroy what they say they are fighting for. i see the victory of february turn into the june defeat i see an empire rise. i see the occupiers take the city and the new government ally with them. i see new barricades and new blood. i see the lies of the word equality which cannot be used by anyone unless they have some other, subvert meaning in mind. paris is a bloody city. in it my blood from another life surely lies. 040308
Lisa PAris hilton, the lie in itself, a schemer, trying to get attention whenever, and however possible, no matter if on the expense of others or not.

and I want her to know.. one day everything you've do ne will come back to you.. twice as hard.

you'll know when you feel like all those you used.

I've never disrespected anyone as much as I disrespect this being.
whoever butterfly 040902
falling_alone i dreamed of going there

the dream still lives in the back of my mind, and now it tells me to become something.
Kristopher *sigh* So this is Paris... 040903
dnr hilton? 051005

2005: 1 hour ago- Thousand cars torched in latest French riots
1 hour ago 1172005: French rioters injure 30 cops, 1,408 vehicles burnt 051107
France 6 hours ago: Rioting in
Spreads to 300 Towns
devilbunny A few weeks ago I was alone in Paris, dragging myself in and out of the metro, tramway and various stinky trains. I hate Paris. 061108
nom oui! 080817
dosquatch He went to Paris
Looking for answers
To questions that bothered him so
He was impressive
Young and aggressive
Saving the world on his own
But the warm summer breezes
French wines and cheeses
Put his ambitions at bay
The summers and winters
Scattered like splinters
And four or five years slipped away

My cousin just moved to Paris earlier this week to be with the girl he's been dating through most of college. They seem good together, and I really wish them well.

More, though, I wish such adventure for myself.

laments his mundane existance.
nom 10th-13th 080825
REAListic optimIST Mad, loud, rushing apparitions
of leather, flesh, and late evening sky
intertwine in a thousand dances,
embracing each other's cadence
with a casual,
improbably coordinated cacophony.

This fevered pitch recedes to reveal
a tragic passion which screams
for fear of boredom in the same moment
that it sings a celebration of love's death.

In that space between orgasm
and repugnation, the decadance
of the first cigarette drag
stretches into timelessness.
falling_alone paris would have been wonderful on a warm day and a friend.

but i would still go back and eat snails drunk again.
does it ease the pain? I'm not scared anymore, I am coming to you now mon chéri, I will live within your streets and breath in your stench, for a month, for a year, I will come.

Mon chéri Paris.
what's it to you?
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