kendra I am.

By saddness and pharmacists.
chanaka by books and tests and tests and speeches and
people needing my help
can't i help myself?
silentbob i know you can be overwhelmed
and i know you can be underwhelmed
but can you ever just be whelmed?

i think you can in Europe...
Rhin He told me he was overwhelmed. Well, who isn't? So many things in this world are overwhelming. It's how you deal with that feeling, that tells me who you are. Well, my dear 'Mused' one, I am beginning to understand exactly who you are! 001128
daxle my linguistics ta tells me that 'whelmed' is a bound lexical morpheme which means that sadly, no one can be whelmed 001128
gwyllynne blah!
I mean why, yes, yes I am all the time, I mean recently, yeah.....::twitch:: you want me to do what?! ::twitch::
emersonjay 18 things in my head at once, the star of which repeatedly eludes me. the important is pushed to the rear, and the blather takes over. procrastination nation. 010408
Miner Hey silentbob, I’m from europe and i can tell you that your right, it is possible to be whelmed over here, but I wouldn’t recommend it, rather nasty way to die that I would imagine. 010504
one more time by nothing 011015
Sonya the sullen feline Overwhelmed...
by a love hanging in the balance.
by the effects of an emotional dance.
by the cruelty of complex circumstance.
by personal woes and insane standards.
by grief caused by the violent bastards.
by corporate America's hypnotic placards.
by crying children I try not to see.
by everyone who won't let me be.
by a girl who turns out to be me.
not god i got a cat named sonya 011015
tonya hmm, antithesis? 011015
little wonder very much so.

there are too many things going on at once. unfortunately my little day off didn't help any of it. i'm just as stressed, just as upset...and with reason.

just to get ready for canada is going to be enough trouble, nevermind still having to work and go to school and do other daily tasks.

canada is going to cause me more problems than it's worth.

i don't think anyone could hate skiing and other various winter sports as much as i do. NO INTEREST. i tried it, i didn't like it, but goddamnit i did try. not good enough. i have to like it. and if i don't it's too fucking bad, i have to do it anyway, and pretend i like it.
march 2nd is going to be the most wonderful day of the year.
indie.chickadee Most of the time that would be me. Either for good reasons or bad reasons, I'm usually overwhelmed about something. My life is so dramatic. 020508
ShnizelCheese I am overwhelmed when i wake up, i see the Sun Blazing onto the Earth for a New day, Feeling the cold wind on my Face, by a Beautiful Smile, by Love 031230
Toxic_Kisses how varry odd

I was positive I wrote something in this blath but now it's not here, I was shure this word was their last night to be clicked on, and yet now it says that the blath on top of mine is the fist to be blathed in 03, maybe I just dreamed that I wrote in this word, it wouldent be the first time I dreamed of writeing in blather, but I'm so vary shure I wrote in here last nite
a clever disguise I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

I have been looking for a new job as this one is a long commute and really not challenging and I know I can do a lot better. A job came up less than a mile from my house at a company I have always wanted to work for and I got a call for an interview yesterday. I was giddy with excitement. Then, I got a call from another great company in the area and a callback from a different company I had interviewed with but didn't think it went that well. So, three great opportunities on the table.

Then, I hear a friend's (friend may not be the most accurate word, but we'll leave it at that) dad died unexpectedly. This 'friend' has had drug issues among other things and now I am worried about and very sad for this friend.

My ex-boss is hitting on me which is gross. Also, my daughter's dad has been wanting to work things out after he learned that my most recent relationship ended. He cheated and was very irresponsible and I don't trust him, but he's constantly giving me the game. Meanwhile, I have met someone who I am interested in getting to know and now I have him to hide from the ex and the ex to hide from him and I am not very good at hiding and KABOOOM!!!

...too much going on. Head is exploding.
oren Wow. I'm_feeling overwhelmed too. 120504
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