puredream . 040613
obvious is a very very very .... oh, nevermind. 040613
witchesrequiem is Hell..yet it is ours. 040613
puredream The marriage not-marriage of Ashley, Jesse and Megan.

The household of polygamy.


Big house. Big big big house. Two studios. One for Ashley, one for Jesse. A game room. Two living rooms. 10 Bedrooms. A dining room. 4 Bathrooms. A music Room. A kitchen. A Basement.


The studios....

Ashley's has a baby grand piano, an electric keyboard, an oboe, three flutes, a picolo, a mandolin, a guitar and whatever other instrument she has learned by then.

Jesse has a mini fridge. 7 guitars. And whatever else he needs to be satisified. Oh yes, a television with attached game thing.

My studio is my bedroom with 2 guitars, bass clarinet, clarinet and many pillows.


Game Room

Has a pool table, air hockey table and foozball. Among other funs...


Music room...

has every musical thing it could possibly need to make it a fun loving intense and beauteous room.



Big ass stove. Big ass dishwasher. Big ass fridge. Big ass counters. An island.



Bigger than the house, with a pool (maybe) and lots of trees.


The pets.

Lots of cats... Aurora, Zenith, George, Blyx, Jynx, others....


Newt...Three-legged Louis

Fish....Fluffy, and maybe a big tank just for ashley and her feesh

Boid...talking one


The Kids

-all Megan and Jesse spawned

Girls: lluvia or Illuvia, Emily (Grace), Serai, Abbey, Thyme, Isolde, Amaris, Elaura, Skye, Oriel, and Air

names are interchangeable for middle names...and such

Boys: Etoile, Sol, Cabe, Jenson, Thyme(can't decide if this is a boy or girl), Coltraine, Leif

puredream our_house will be that crazy and feared hippie house. The kind where the parents of the block warn their children to stay away from.

But the thing is, these children that will live in our house will be so loving. Because they have been taught of love. Taught how to love, hoe to be loved. They will be loved. They will love.

Our house is a love house.
puredream oh yes, and Jesse Jr. The first born son and proclaimed Jesse protege. 040613
birdmad since the last members of my family have moved out of it it has been an albatross around our necks,

we are selling it

i almost moved back into it last year, but then decided there was no good reason left to do so
mad bird ...in the middle of our street
...that was where we used to sleep
somebody - in the middle of the street 040616
pete it's green, two stories, it has a big (for a city) front yard, a big back yard

and wholly molly! its 12.22! i gota go use a fax machine to get the lease and other info to the land lord (not planned, this little thingy) so it will really be my house. then to the bus and to work. argh!
birdmad i think today we sign the paperwork to be done with it.

my emotions are beyond mixed.

the memory of the house i grew up is like the phantom sensations of a lost limb

but at the same time there's enough charged memory to make me not miss it so much
pete ahem, day off.

when you walk up to the house you see that it is green and two stories. it has a garage with a basket ball net, a tall cedar tree, and a few maples. it has an overgrown garden in the front and two in the back. the lawn is big for the city, and the drive way is made of stones. when you walk in the front door you are in a foye with hooks on the wall infront of you and a closet to your right and left. there are also doorways going to the right and the left.

turning left you enter the spacious kitchen. you could fit about 8 people comfortably in it. off the kitchen is a dinning room with windows on the south, west, and north walls, and there is no east wall, it is completely open to the kitchen. following through the kitchen you come to a hallway with a bathroom (the only one in the house) and a door way to the basement, a doorway to a balcony in the back yard, and a doorway to a bedroom, and a passage into the living room. the living room has large southfacing windows, it is a big square with space for about 2 and a half three-seater couches. as none of us want to pay for a tv, when i move in i will make it a plant room i think.

going down the stairs you come into the laundry room. there are three cupboards of various sizes, a washer-dryer, and two doorways. one leads into a small walkin closet, to be used as a jam room we have decided, and the other leads into a massive bedroom. if you go up stairs you have a linen closet and two rooms, one on the left and on on the right. the one on the left has one south facing window, the one of the right (my room) has a south and a west facing window. they are both fairly large (about double the other house we looked at). going out the door to the back yard you are on a nice sized wooden deck. there are no fences, just hedges around the property line.

i'm excited about moving :)

i dont have a home though ...
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pete this house has given me a newfound sanity/stability/ease of mind...

and perhaps part of it is from sitting on the roof thinking?
love & hate our house....
well in my dreams...
Its two stories, with a big stair case in front of the front door. Dinning room to your left and to the right is the living room. One big long couch round the wall so we are always next to each other. With a large screen television to watch all the shows together. Two spare rooms up stairs and our massive main bedroom. King size bed for the two of us with a walk in wardrobe on the left, and on the right is our ensuite. Including a large shower for two and a large spa bath for two. Everything is made for us. With lighting that can be dimmed and airconditioning. We also have a pool table and a 'good' sitting room for guests with a bar in the same room. Out the back doors is where the pool is, also with dimmable lighting with lights under the water on its rocky surface. A waterful walling in with a spa hidden behind it for our secret times. What a wonderful house. I see it every night when i close my eyes. The kitchen is behind the stairs where we make all our meals with love for each other. Dinner by candle light every night, just the two of us. Always, forever, in our house which we will make a home...
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