anchor_baby Ophelia was a bride of God
A novice Carmelite
In sister cells
The cloister bells tolled on her wedding night

Ophelia was the rebel girl
A blue stocking suffragette
Who remedied society between her cigarettes

And Ophelia was the sweetheart
To a nation overnight
Curvaceous thighs
Vivacious eyes
Love was at first sight
Love was at first sight

Ophelia was a demigoddess in pre-war Babylon
So statuesque a silhouette in black satin evening gowns

Ophelia was the mistress
To a Vegas gambling man
Signora Ophelia Maraschina
Mafia courtesan

Ophelia was the circus queen
The female cannonball
Projected through five flaming hoops
To wild and shocked applause
To wild and shocked applause

Ophelia was a tempest cyclone
A goddamn hurricane
Your common sense, your best defense
Lay wasted and in vain

For Ophelia'd know your every woe
And every pain you'd ever had
She'd sympathize and dry your eyes
And help you to forget
Help you to forget
And help you to forget

Ophelia's mind went wandering
You'd wonder where she'd gone
Through secret doors down corridors
She wanders them alone
All alone
MollyGoLightly Poor girl. Can't identify with her too much. Have always been more of a Hamlet, myself...but that's neither here nor there... 000528
unhinged i wrote a poem about ophelia in the 12th grade. my teacher thought i was hallucinating when i wrote it because she knew that i had been sick. she teaches it to her classes every year when they read hamlet. 001204

As he enters my room,
half-dressed and eager-eyed,
(double-standard now discarded with my belt),
I revere Father's angry warning:
"You do not understand yourself so clearly
As it behoves my daughter and your honour."
Yes, Father, when blood burns,
Men have been known to say anything.
Laertes, you warn my perfume will entice
"of a minute- no more,"
You will threaten and thunder great violence ---
Men have been known to say anything.
But Brother (clueless as your sire),
You mistake me.
Come hither, my Hamlet, my sweet, sweet prince,
Come hither to this night alone.
Women have been known to do anything.

distorted tendencies Where art thou fair Ophelia? Drown'd in her beautiful sweetness. 010929
squint easier to drown, is it?

*sigh* no method in HER madness. what a shame, she had such potential.
III i 87-88 in thy orisons
Be all my sins remembered
cresentwhench Ophelia describes me perfekt-ly. 021129
Laura how do I make her thoughts into my words? 030220
quilltip ophelia and juliet are sisters. ophelia and juliet. ophelia. hamlet didn't know what he was getting into. but then, neither did romeo. 031029
sabbie 'pheli has always been one of my favs.

she was a water sprite sent to the world to fulfill a specific role,
and then she got to go home.
erazure we were all drowning 050411
emmi ophelia was crazy and beautiful and gave out flowers... today she would be a nut house with no flowers around, chained to her bed and drugged up on antidepressants and tranquilisers etc 060714
the ungreat I was Ophelia to your Hamlet.
Your betraying mother,
Your past too painful.
Our brief intense fling
left me devastated,
And I too only wished to drown.
I wanted to lose control,
Slip into the lovely water,
Tinged pink.
It was you I loved,
And you realized it all too late.
I'm Ophelia personified,
No nunnery will have me now.
flowerock In a way I'm relieved to live somewhere other than my home_town. I love the desert, I miss the familiarity and the friendly encounters around every corner simply because "hey_I_know_you"... but it was beginning to spiral back on itself... social circles and connections were colliding and piling up and try as we may to be good humans and play nice, it was difficult and awkward at times to try to climb crumbling hills of sand hand in hand as sisters and brothers when there were so many crossed layers of years of love, loss, and used_to_be's...
But when I needed a positive female friend to hold my hand through a rough time, she was there, my_ophelia in the desert, floating down a river of sand and cactus blooms, she took my hands in hers so gently and sweetly, she focused on me and sent healing through her cool light touch. She reminded me that women should help and heal one another, and I really needed that reminder because I was sucks into a state of distrust ing and disliking women just for being women... but I am a woman too... I also hated myself and needed to relearn how to love myself, too.

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