charley When an expression of some intent is misinterpreted for some other intent causing temporary loss of communication. Humans are really good at this. 980906
emma also a nice long word. 981103
Pacia a common byproduct of intense email relationship when there is no other contact. 981107
you Rotten coconut? Bought the Loco Hut? Brought Thel's Yoko but? 990224
mareberry why don't you understand? why can't you see? i'm standing here in front of you, crying out the truth. but the truth is hard to pull from the depths of the lies i've told. still i'm here now, i yearn to show you that i'm not who you think i am. i'm something more, something you could love. blinded by my past, you cannot see my soul, you've shunned me so far past the point of no return, i feel as if i'll be lost for all eternity. open your eyes. leave the misunderstanding winding down the road of our past illusions. see me. see the truth. 990506
stratford-on-girl I have the habit of misunderstanding everything said to me and taking offence *sigh* it's cause I've never met anyone who thinks like me, some've come close but they were the worse ones. 991216
jennifer you thought I hated you
maybe you were right
maybe my mind misconstrued the reality
that I always thought was love
valisegg everyone has their own little twist on the reality of a given situation. explain things as thoroughly as you can and people will still occasionally think you're talking about someone else's problem. 991220
valis everyone has their own little twist on the reality of a given situation. explain things as thoroughly as you can and people will still occasionally think you're talking about someone else's problem. 991220
girl makes a great scapegoat 000510
silent bob i love you! oh you do? wow, you're sweet. i might love you too...just say what you feel. im infatuted with you. thats not what i mean. but at least i gave you something...right? shutup and kiss me. retard. bitch. 000601
tourist Right up there with miss cogeniality,
but more empathic
futiltity locked inside of myself
chained by my own desire
to express myself fully.
the words are never enough
to show you who I really am.
you will never know me.
recovering addict i think your love for me was
just a misunderstanding
by my ambivalent eyes
too immature to just say what
was behind them
but you gave me so much
i can't even begin to thank you
you were the beginning of this
new life
and now you're gone
for months
and the statue of me on your pedestal
isn't going to match this
when we see each other again
NinNy Nu Nu uuuuuummmmmm...
hummmm, ummmm..
I don't understand still
oh for fucks sake
I'm fucking pissed off.
grrrrr.. meow, oh this is boring.
fanta the root of so much conflict 010623
nemo remember that one time? yeah, that one... you were really misunderstood, i'm sorry. 010623
black-dyed gel product Kill Whitey.
Aw Fuck, that means me too.
baby satan it was only a turtle in spandex. and they misinterpreted it completely. it wasn't meant to be a fashion statement. next thing you know, every turtle you see is crawling around wearing spandex. so much for the menstruation of bagels. goddamn cream cheese. just wait until the tree frogs get wind of this new look. it's gonna get ugly. 010625
Casey Again Unnoticed Romeo and I have these a lot I think, and that makes me sad 010625
taya there is no such thing. its only a word to suppress anger. you should never suppress anger 020410
unhinged "bisexuals are just selfish"

and he apologized for five minutes after he said it.
josie these sublt lions ask me for wisdom on questions i don't have 020808
vagruntz Taking computer science classes from a professor who's first language isn't English has its share of pitfalls. One day, he said, or at least we thought he said, "Someday, you will all be maneaters." We were all confused and rather concerned about the meaning of this, untill he wrote MANAGERS. In fact, the list of misunderstandings is quite large with this guy. "You need a gerbil to solve cactus," was another interesting puzzle. But then, we finally realized with much difficulty, that you need algebra to solve calculus. Every class is an adventure. 020918
dudeinanigloo Estate of Bob Jones
3321 - 39 St.
Gotham City, GT
Q8R 2J3
(tel. EAT-SHIT)
(fax. FUC-KYOU)

Gotham Rich People Secury Services
18203 - 154 Ave.
Gotham City, GT
Q1S 8T4

RE: Cancellation of services from Bob Jones

Thank you so much for your expression of condolences. This is indeed a difficult time, especially with the crappy weather and all. We would like to request an extension of any deadline vis--vis the cancellation of any services to Bob Jones (known as "The Gentleman"). There are a number of reasons for this request which I shall address below:

The Gentleman has not yet taken the final voyage over the River Styx; his life functions have yet to wane; his ashes have yet to be scattered in the wild rivers of the West. While occasionally an asshole, The Gentleman is loved by all who know him.

I am assuming that you have now divined that the life force of The Gentleman continues to burn brightly. But I gotta tell you guys how impressed I am with the alacrity of your request. I have seen crows getting to a roadkill move more slowly. Hyenas moving in on the carcass of a dead antelope would be put to shame. In any case, when The Gentleman finally does, indeed, croak out his last breath, you shall have your due.

And thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Bob Jones
pigeon life is one big mistundestanding 040807
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