patient and directed The Scyldings and Geats and all the ancient Norsemen long since become dust.

where is your song now?
harps and lutes and drums gave way to saxophones and synthesizers

meadhall walls sticky sweet blood honey viscera bits and pieces

howling and cursing the light of the sun reflected off the face of the moon

eternity's a curse
tumbling down
tumbling down

so may you all
Splinken grendel is swell. 000620
grendel *doing my best Elvis by way of Nicolas Cage and Johnny Bravo in a Blender impersonation*


uhh, Yow!
grendel down goes the whirlpool
No! No!
grendel and now


the ancient and venerable one-finger salute
for the blather_police

"the limit of desire is desire's need"
-- John Gardner
grendel Dimensions:

H: 6'2"
W: 257lb

Shoe Size: 13 US

( ala Schleiffenator ) 7'1"

Hair: Black/brown/Copper, worn shoulder length

i am the face of a thousand wanted men in composite sketches staring out from the post office wall

i am the face of ten thousand lost children
staring out from the back of your milk cartons

"i'm inside
open your eyes,
i'm you...
(sad but true)"
The Schleiffen Man i doubt your wingspan is larger than mine, but i'll let it slide this time mister.... hehehe 000701
grendel i just got done watching
"13th Warrior" last night
and though i did not think it was a bad film, i'm a little bit insulted

First of all, thats Grendel with a "Grrr"...What, did Chrichton hear the story from a relative of Barbara Walters? is not, never has been and never will be "Uendol"...dammit

Second...I AM NOT PLURAL...I"M JUST SCHIZO! If i was plural, i could get a whole lot more done.

Third: If whole clans of meade-swilling Norsemen started fighting and partying over and over again on the roof of your house, wouldn't you want to kill them too? Especially if they're not paying rent.

Fourth: Not only am i not plural, i am also not a horde of badly dressed barbarians..Soemtimes i'm a barbarian, sometimes i'm badly dressed, never both at the same time, That and i think fur is a bit tacky, especially bearskin.

to see my eyes, go here:
stan Grendel,

No luck?
i got nailed with their hooks
always and again
could ya look in some books?
i'm cut by their fins
stan i read the recipe for liberty spikes...Yikes!! 000804
splinken "let's get matching grendel tattoos"

i say okay even though i've never really paid much attention to grendel.

the tat has something to do with eyes. and the devil. or a devil. something devil.

i didn't really mean it when i said i'd get one too.
obi wan Barrett Grendel, come back to the good side of the force. You and I shall defeat Emperor Palpatine together. 001009
pinkish hi!!

/me skips away
grendel hmmm. 010501
SaxyWeed what ever happened to beowulf? 010517
nocturnal and who wrote beowulf??? 010517
st3fan an english priest some 1000 Years ago 010517
grendel he wrote it as i sat perched on the end of his desk,
promising him unimaginable horror if he didn't

as for Beowulf, when time had sufficiently passed, i built a birdcage from his bones.
grendel trees and rocks

old grendel, he lives in a cave
nocturnal his mother's a lovely lady I hear. always lookin out for her son. I wish my mom were more like grendel's mom. 011017
translucent grendel's mom is hot 011017
peyton I copied something you wrote one time:

I was an angel
I was a raven

I copied the whole blather.. I made a backdrop for my computer with it.. I made sure it had your name on it too

It was beautiful. It just never occured to me until now that I'd never told you.

Segmented, articulated
Hoping you will not see me if I don't move

It was beautiful.
earth rim walker - meadhall wrecker - grendel thanks man,

i'm learning to accept flattery in my advanced age.
mad reasons riddalin neurosis might you be the grendel who led me into the forest with dan-o to hit marj's magjic funk tree? 030726
jane as to peyton's comment
it was under 'fear'

it goes:

the more cynical i become
the less afraid i am

i secrete it in layers like chitinous armour,
segmented, articulated

startle me and i will roll into a ball and just
not let you in

i was an angel
i was a raven

now i'm an insect
a devil
maybe just a roach
skittering away from the sudden turning on of
the light, hoping that you will not see me if i
do not move

once again I was watching Chasing_Amy and towards the end when Holden is talking to Banky and Alyssa, there on the wall behind him was a poster, and as you may have geussed it featured this word. 031003
peyton grendel
moves me
with his claws and talons
his angels and ravens
sab i once lived in a house with a black cat named grendel

he was well named
grendel i_got_a_cat_named_tonya 050818
grendel she's a big_electric_cat doing the kitty_freak_out at five in the morning while Shadow crawls under the covers and nestles herself into my armpit 071218
z "Listen! Listen closely! An angry man does not usually shake his fist at the universe in general. He makes a selection and knocks his neighbor down. A piece of rock, on the other hand, impartially attracts the universe according to the law of gravitation. You grant there's a difference?"

John Gardner - Grendal
(that should be) grendel 120707
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