Zatumushgir What does it say about our language that there is a word so long that simply means "the act of deeming something as worthless"? Still, it is a word that needs mention, is it not? 000826
kingsuperspecial lost - one human head, medium sized, not too clever. small but noticable dent near lower occipital lobe. tends to drool around cute girls.

if found, do not feed.

come on baby,
whip me like the milk drinker I am
paste! have the deli people stalked the black bear? will they need wheels of light? 011101
nocturnal dude, I thought nick just made this word up. that's pretty sweet. 011101
eat this: Do you think I may be too quick to find fault with things and people, Zippy?
Th' 'floccinaucinihilipilification' process.
Th' what?
Floccinaucinihilipilification!! It means 'the estimation of something as valueless'!
You've been randomly reading th' dictionary, haven't you?
Yes. That and my natural tendency toward antifloccinaucinihilipilification!!
jewish hendrix "but first i gotta know, do you have any experience?" 020425
TK How exactly ľdo- you pronounce this? 020426
possessed angel flok"su-n˘"su-nI"hil-u-pil"u-fi-kA'shun

u - sofa (sO┤fu), item (I┤tum), easily (E┤zulE),
- cannon (kan┤un), circus (sűr┤kus)
a - act (akt), bat (bat)
A - ape (Ap), fail (fAl), day (dA)
Ô - airr), care (kÔr)
ń - art (ńrt), father (fń┤­ur)
b - back (bak), labor (lA┤bur), cab (kab)
ch - chin (chin), hatchet (hach┤ut), rich (rich)
d - dock (dok), lady (lA┤dE), sad (sad)
e - end (end), steady (sted┤E), met (met)
E - eve (Ev), clear (klEr), see (sE)
f - fat (fat), phase (fAz), cough (k˘f)
g - get (get), bigger (big┤ur), tag (tag)
h - hand (hand), ahead (uhed┤)
hw - wheel (hwEl), which (hwich)
i - it (it), pill (pil), mirror (mir┤ur)
I - iron (I┤urn), eye (I), buyer (bI┤ur)
j - jam (jam), ginger (jin┤jur), edge (ej)
k - kit (kit), tackle (tak┤ul), cook (kook)
l - little (lit┤ul), holly (hol┤E), pull (pool)
m - man (man), hammer (ham┤ur), climb (klIm)
n - new (noo), known (nOn), winner (win┤ur)
ng - singing (sing┤ing), finger (fing┤gur),
- sang (sang), sank (sangk)
o - hot (hot), body (bod┤E)
O - over (O┤vur), hope (hOp), grow (grO)
˘ - orbitr┤bit), fall (f˘l), saw (s˘)
oo - foot (foot), wolf (woolf),
- put (poot), pure (pyoor)
OO - boot (bOOt), lose (lOOz), drew (drOO),
- true (trOO)
oi - oil (oil), royal (roi┤ul), boy (boi)
ou - out (out), crowd (kroud), how (hou)
p - pipe (pIp), happy (hap┤E)
r - road (rOd), appeared (upErd┤),
- carpenter (kńr┤puntur)
s - so (sO), cite (sIt), baste (bAst)
sh - shall (shal), sure (shOOr), nation (nA┤shun)
t - tight (tIt), better (bet┤ur), talked (t˘kt)
th - thin (thin), bath (bath)
­ - then (­en), father (fń┤­ur), bathe (bA­)
u - but (but), flood (flud), some (sum)
ű - curl (kűrl), girl (gűrl), fern (fűrn),
- worm (wűrm)
v - vest (vest), trivial (triv┤Eul), eve (Ev)
w - wax (waks), twins (twinz), coward
- (kou┤urd)
y - you (yOO), onion (un┤yun)
z - zipper (zip┤ur), ease (Ez), treads (tredz)
zh - pleasure (plezh┤ur), rouge (rOOzh)
unhinged when showing someone blather they asked if blather had this word and when i sent them the link to this page they said 'I'm impressed that it has floccinaucinihilipilification and the definition is correct.'


yay blather
lost kingsuperspecial are you refering to me in your blathe

if so i have to tell you i dont drool around girls actually i am good at interacting with females.
yup lost, if you think he is, you're pretty fucking dense 021122
Valentine I could apply this word to your lack of humor... Or maybe the entire human race... 021122
i ♥ my cock you know, harlan, dear boy, if you untie that slipknot in your korn-hole long enough to take your mushroomhead out you might realize that it would be like the signs people put up when they lose stuff 021122
lost i knew he wasnt talking about me
im not a complete idiot. only half
Than you possessed angel, that actully helps out a lot!
this is my avatar how did the boy who fell in love with his own penis get the cutesy little heart. and how can i hack into the system and put in my own adorable font. No, I am not an attention whore! 040226
eskimos friend my brother taught me this word when i was three 040415
dudeinanigloo I floccinaucinihilipilificate the human race. 040530
mood ring oh no, pleeze dont floccania-whosit me.
my lack of correct spelling, grammer and original thought doesn't make me worthless.
just not worthy.
this is long how do you pronounce this???? 050708
Doar "this"

look up. look way up. no...you've gone to far now....back down abit...a little bit further.

by jove i don't think they've got it.
misstree this was a safeword for a few friends of mine
imagine the gales of giggling when i saw this on a commercial
and actually knew how to spell it
andru235 i find that there is absolutely no merit whatsoever to discussing this.

in my opinion, as a word it isn't deserving of the pixels needed to display it.

by the powerlessness vested in me by the state of confusion, i am afraid that i must floccinaucinihilipilificate until i am successful at floccinaucinihilipilificating floccinaucinihilipilification.
paris crazy americans! 080605
gheekinop gheekinop 101213
what's it to you?
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