puredream the_pain 040613
mourninglight the inbetween world
the place of limbo and movement and nowhereness
where edges meet edges
ever changing, ever constant.

the line where the water meets the land;
and sparks floating through the air;
and the thin mist of steam separating a sheet of water from the flame.

like a wire
like a curtain
doorways that lead nowhere
pSyche the spaces between
your big fancy words
show the fine print
but I blind
sign the contract
and am forever bound
I think that makes me happy...
Mahayana the spaces between the things people [say]
and what they choose to do

[your promises are just that ... spaces filling more empty spaces]

sometimes i get so lost -- i just dont know whose space im in anymore
palm You and me.
Here and there.

It's silence. And it's perfect.

And then when you take my hand... I swear you can hear the waves crash. I swear you can hear the Earth breathe... I swear... you can hear all the music that ever was.
dandy the_spaces_between what I thought and what I said where I thought you would connect the dots to intersect the unspoken love, connect us with understanding but instead the space between what I mean and what I said is a rope thrown short of the target and you really needed something to grab onto. my allusions of attention like a rude ruse, a tease to teach you to not extend trust and deep in the muscles of your facea trace of your disappointment and your pupils narrow. 050207
whispers then and now 050315
suicidalchinadoll enter now my doorway, that leads nowhere, but everywhere at once.

"there is such thing as a tesseract"
pete always more empty than air 050602
lou_la_belle the spaces between
today and tomorrow
are getting bigger
i never noticed
they blended...
but now i hear a little clock
ticking off the seconds
until the day is done
and then
the moments that tick
suddenly stop
for one eternal moment
there is nothing
but a gap
and i see everything
fall away
but before i can reach out
and pull the day back
safely into my heart
they start again
counting down once more
until the next space between...
unhinged the spaces between thoughts
like an endless sky
that's where the soul lives
the essence of it
it's the spaces between
that make up the meaning
the only way we see
the pain and joy
it's the emptiness
that gives us something to fill
the spaces between
like the canvas of an endless sky
anne-girl the spaces between people... how i can't communicate to you, i mean the person who's reading this, you whatever abstract idea i have in my mind because we're separated by perhaps hundreds of kilometres of phone wire, physical distance, and that i've never met you

but we can still connect, somehow... bridge the gap briefly, say yes, yes that, that's exactly what i meant
spark of comprehension

and it's terrible when you just can't talk to people, need to get something across but can't just pour out your soul or something fantastic like that because they're someone else
so far away...

someone has to take the first step - it's dangerous
palm Dear Anne-girl.

I sometimes know how you feel. Even when you don't say anything at all.

I just... do.
l these wicked lies.

[a little off, but the first thing i thought of]
Piso Mojado no, i always think of the DMB song when this blathe comes up

the space between your heart and mine is a space we fill with time
KaTrInA These words are a waste of my energy in hitting the space bar adn also a waste of space. Although I wish the spaces between houses in new subdivisions was a little more giving. 060201
. those spaces, are my home

I found you, in a between space, in a sad space, but a moving space. and you sidled up to me, and loved me just a little.

and now what?
do I join you?
do you run away?
do I crawl back into my dark, silent, no-space and forget you ever existed?

I was falling in love with you, with any luck it hasn't already happened.
damn it, I want to take you by the hand, and tell you that you should drop the baggage, and accept the loneliness that follows me, but I love you too much to impose myself on you.

so I wait.
for you to decide, not about me, not about anything to do with me.
just to decide to come back,
to decide to call,
and tell me that you love me though you can't.

even that would be enough tonight.
past i'm happy you put a little blip in the spaces between. these blips are the happiest. 080901
auburn Yes they are. 080918
bryan ferry get rid of that damn "s"
"this relationship ain't right"
unhinged .

the person i am

the space to
figure that out

(you never understood
when i needed space)
what's it to you?
who go