the spork yeah

you want to make something of it?

you felt the need to fling it, someone had to rake it up before it dried and left any permanent stains

so now i retract my apology and include you with the other one

frankly, whatever this is or was has been about as effective as all of the preaching from people like chrity or the_truth in that you lost more of your target audience than gained, notice that neither of them won many (if any) converts

and now as if to make matters even more nauseating, we have the two of you incessantly congratulating each other on your assumed brilliance

get a room already

whatever it is you are doing, it's just as much mental masturbation as your targets and their griping about life

i may agree with the basic premise of your argument, but the agreement begins and ends there

one of you (and i forget which) whined about being taken to task in such a public manner by another blatherskite instead of being emailed personally on the matter

one has to appreciate the irony of this

someone publicly throwing shit around suddenly having the nerve to be offended by the same treatent when it comes back to bite them

to borrow a line from the chief offender here:

Dafremen Ahh entertainment!! I thought all of these long boring job-search days would be filled with the emptiness of Seinfeld reruns and Negra Modelo beer. I figured that maybe good ol Spork would give it a go. Excellent! Ok let me read what the sporkster wrote...then LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

(Heheh hmmm will this blather serve to attract or repel spork from the melee? Intrigue at last? Pay attention Talvifatin, sometimes you gotta invent yer own. : ) )
Dafremen Dear spork,

How are you? I hope this blather finds you well. I am fine. I'm writing you this letter in order to confirm that although I am guilty of the occasional whine(usually in the absence of good boo or beer), it was NOT nor has it EVER been me who did the whining here.

Thanks ever so much for the WAAAAH reference, it's been really hard to find an advertiser who would take that account, to tell the truth I had just about given up hope on finding one when you happened along with this blather.

Another thing I wanted to clear up was this: I am not now, nor will I be offended by anything that you write here. I honestly hope that the same goes for you and my blather. After all, what could I possibly write to do that? Writing is, after all, only writing and words ARE after all only words. Can words hurt? I suppose, but then are their really ANY offenders? Or just the offended? For if you choose to put motive or intent behind the written word, then you choose to assume that such motive or intent exists.

The responsibility lies not with the author, but with his audience to interpret. If the author were interpreting for you, you would be watching T.V. To paraphrase an over-used grammar schoolism, sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never hurt us.

Thank you ever so much for playing the wonderful part that you have played thus far in this show. I don't think that any audience could have asked for a better performance, sincerely delivered or not. You are a master of the game and a showperson extraordinaire. So sayeth the mighty arrogant gasoline pouring sh*t raker...

kss hmmm... not much changes in a year, eh?

For those of you who don't understand:

A shit-raker is a complex, elusive beast. Fact is, you canít *really* know what it means to be a shit raker unless you are one. A shit-raker does not have a goal, other than Ďraking the shití. Often, they donít know why they do it, and they don't always care about the outcome. Itís more about the process than the results. All shit-rakers have a different style, and some donít even realize they are a shit-raker. However, the oneís that do realize it, usually embrace it.

Iím a shit raker. So is Dafremen. I can sense it many others, but Iím going to make a list. Itís a lurking quality in just about everyone. Itís a power that can be used for both good and evil, and is usually used for a little of both.
The Spork Everytime I think I can take a nap, a new one sprouts up. And people wonder why I'm so ornery. 030623
shit hoe get'em, spork! 030623
x your bitching about it is such a positive influence though... so helpful. keep it up by all means.

(elaboration: everyone seems to have their opinions about what is and isn't worth space. every time you complain about someone else's blathe, yet another blather bites your ass, a wolf in sheep's clothing)
birdmad Ugh.
blather_pissing_match redux

kindly take it outside, children.
niska good lord.
the boys are back in town... make me laugh, and save us all.
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