unhinged wake_up sleepy head, crusty eyes
put on a pot of coffee
use the neti pot
finish the latest issue of yoga journal
check the email
do a good 40 minutes of yoga
berries (organic raspberries, a whole container)

i already feel like i accomplished something today; now i get to go influence little minds.
u24 lucky you, I love it when you accomplish things early on in the day. makes you feel so much better.

(for me today, it's ah well, maybe tomorrow..)
unhinged i am becoming more of a morning person. there was a time in my life when i was quite literally nocturnal. waking_up was the worst part of my day.

this morning i:
woke up to the sound of construction in my hood
per usual,
put on a pot of coffee
used my neti pot
read the diamond sutra
cleaned out the inbox of my yahoo account
am becoming ready to do my yoga

then time for work
in the_sea_of_suffering (?)
i've been wading in
i'm glad to go to work today
today is the day little bridget comes for her lesson
she always gives me good hugs
unhinged (and she's already decided she wants to quit school to be a violinist; she just finished kindergarten.....oh my bridgie. she trys so good for me. all i have to do is think of her and i smile) 080623
u24 you've inspired me to try to get up earlier. (we'll see how that goes!) 080623
unhinged don't get me wrong u. i need chemical assistance to get up in the morning. but i find it's better for my physical and mental health; then i can steel myself against the coming day, stretch out the shoulder that would otherwise ache, feed my brain. i need time for myself, to take care of myself. 080623
u24 well, I am getting a lift in to work this morning, so... I stayed in bed late. But! I did get out of bed before I needed to, and have burned a DVD that I needed to burn. So I have achieved something, even though I didn't get up earlier. So that's good.

I don't drink caffeine, so chemical assistance will probably consist of earl grey redbush tea (yum!) though I have had problems drinking teas in the morning (put myself right off green tea by having a nice strong cup one morning and feeling sick and dizzy the rest of the day)

It's good to see you so positive. Not that you're not normally, it's just nice to hear your successes...
unhinged doesn't earl grey have caffeine in it?....

it's okay to point out that i'm not positive; i'm not really ;-P i take after my father and one of his one_liners that has stuck in my head since childhood is 'i'm not a cynic; i'm a realist'

but since i've devoted more of my life to religion, buddhism in particular, i have been more prone to focus on the good part of the duality of life. trying to focus on_contentment since concentrating on_anger didn't bear any good fruit. but i guess a lot of my life has settled down and fell into place since my early years around here. in light of recent events in my life, i feel these accomplishments even more. there is comfort in knowing deep down in your heart you are headed in the right direction. i feel blessed to have figured it out relatively quickly.
u24 yeah, it does but redbush with bergamot oil is earl grey flavoured caffeine free tea. and very yummy. I find redbush (rooibos) really relaxing. I mean seriously I feel a definite physical relaxed feeling when I drink it.

yeah, I'm only just beginning to realise that negativity comes from within. it's not something external that you just have to passively accept, it's something (possibly sparked by the external) that grows inside you if left unchecked. keep that positive energy going! I'm going to have to start meditating again.

I've changed one little tiny thing and I think it's had a good effect on me - I've stopped saying "I can't find the time" and started saying "I have to make the time". It's small but it reminds me subconsciously that I have to put the effort in to make time to do things. part of "getting things done" I guess.
unhinged i've switched a lot of things in my life from ' i can't ' to ' i will ' 080625
u24 the real trick is changing "i will" to "i have" 080626
unhinged with just a little bit of effort, 'i will' turns into 'i have'
the power of positive thinking ;-)
Lemon_Soda I ahd a perfect morning this last weekend....Sunday morning I think... 080626
unhinged the past few have been beautifully glorious. the early fall, when there isn't much bite to the coolness and the rot of fallen leaves is not yet heavy in the air, just a slight tinge on the edge of smelling. my toes can still feel the breeze and sunshine. i can pull out the favorite pieces in my wardrobe. i wish i could go sit by the lake. i live nearer to it now. i am contented this morning. these golden days are my favorites. 080911
u24 even though I walk to work every morning (between 30 mins (my personal best) and one hour), I don't find myself breathing the outdoors as much as I'd like to.

Winter will be here soon and for some reason, I always have preferred the crispness of a frosty early winter morning to the hazy humidity of a summers afternoon.
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