typhoid twelve apostles. twelve monkeys. little banana reapers little twelve dots. eat munch munch. small tiny obscure hidden sign. what sign? my other sign. who lost it? we don't know yet. she went into the barn the hay was wet she smells the summer heat. the cows efluviate and the moos have hidden meaning. whats a moo to a mu? or the letter mu? and she listens closely and hides her ears. the seven signs have yet to show themselves. they will appear. they must appear. if they don't all is lost. psychoanalysis of myself. what are these thoughts meaning? i feel foggy thinking about them. i don't understand. concentration seems to be as good at stopping though as in continuing it. clearing the mind seems to continue thought even when it isn't conscious. how many of you have your readers? i havenít bought mine yet. lets stop for a moment.
he has a green spot under his nose above his lip. whats that spot called? it is i think the most sensitive part of the body. the lips also. a hidden heart. whole halve heaven heaves horseshoes at hovelling hitchhikers. they brandish their towels and prepare to advance. no retreat! run away! run away! two's complement.. i already know this stuff. hmm modular like arithmetic.. but with negative #s. weird. mod numbers usually don't have negatives, or fractions, or irrational numbers, cuz they can be represented without themselves. what else. moos. moose. a moose on the side of the road he whispers something to me about the radiant hour. help... she must have found it while we werenít looking. is it too late now?
typhoid effluviate 000203
Brad there is a great bop head by Bud Powell called "Hallucinations." Powell was such a genius and jazz/bebop innovator. Unfortunately for him, he was creative, intelligent, eccentric, and african-american in the 1940s and '50s... he was never the same after that lobotomy. 000401
Norm I used to hallucinate all the time... About grade nine. I used to migrains all the time too. Specifically I remember my first hallucination... I saw a truck driveing down the street, I'm pretty sure the truck was really there, and suddenly the road dipped down, out of nowhere, and the truck droped down in the hole and moments later came up and the dip just bounced right back up.

I hallucinate alot when I smoke weed, I don't think I could ever do shrooms or acid cause I'd go nuts.
lost i just took 4 somas and i have four more to take so i will be hallucinating for a while. it's gonna be great. 010919
Mesdup theres a field in front of me. i think it's really there. there's an object above... a large object. what are those lines going across it's back? is that a whale? why is a whale above my house? is that an extraterrestrial buick?

looking across the field, i see a treeline. the trees look real. the tops of the trees crystalize up and up. i think they're pines. now they dilate down, blurring and receding. they dance for me for hours, or so it seems.

the whale has left me, sudden panic. are these my friends? are they policemen? who are these people?

ahh, yes, they can be trusted. the tiles on the floor are fantastic. never has my bathroom floor looked so inspiring. the vertexes become liquid and the sides stretch beyond me. a million squares dancing on the bathroom floor. a minor diversion, let's have another round with my porceline prince.

can i sleep? is it possible tonight?
will i ever wake up? is the last morning light of my life?

i think on three levels, and can only express one. but that's no matter, this is for me. it's my right to be selfish with my mind, my thoughts, my hallucinations.
skinny uh i was in the shower yesterday and i was looking at one of the streams of water coming out of the faucet, and i could see through like a microscope in the air and see the individual drops of water making up the streem and i just watched it for i dont know how long, and everything started inverting colors, and then everything turned gray. its like really seeing water for the first time 040625
socrates I hallucinated a psychiatrist who told me I had schizophrenia. I sodomized him with a pineapple for his arrogance and got arrested. It wasnít a good experience for either of us but at least I can sit down. 060419
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