Q It is precious that after lead, silver and platinum gold has just now first been blathed about. 000914
tourist the yellow metal that drives the white man crazy
hard to run with the weight of
could the proximity of the kings head piece cause some interference in the natural circulation of chi resulting in megalomania??
yummychuckle riches.
lizardqueen What exotic spun gold."
He had whispered it to me in his stingy alcoholic breath.
Now,only 2 days later I studied it in the mirror, pulling it apart, straightening out the waves with a downward stroke of my hands, watching the recoil with the release of my fingertips. It hung thick with golden streaks on-top of tiny waves.

I locked the door and grabbed my scissors. I reached behind my head, pulling my hair back with one hand and grasping it like an ice cream cone. I squeezed the scissors through my hair, chop by squeaking chop. The more hair I cut, the faster I wanted it gone. I couldnt stop until it looked disgusting.

The bathroom counter was littered with clomps and strands of my hair. Some of it had stuck to the wet parts of the sink. It looked beautiful so far away from my face, and my neck felt bare and naked in the back.
My vision began to blur and it became increasingly difficult to breathe. I slid down to the tile floor with my back against the wall. I tried to regain my breath but i was too upset, too dizzy, too exhausted. My hands examined the remaining hair i had left behind. A choppy, uneven, ugly haircut. It was perfect this way.My fingers ran around to the back of my head all too easily. It was perfect this way.
tit yet in this life of mine i've learned that all that glitters isnt gold. and words express things that the heart will never hold.
i've learned that a lovers words are often in my mind, not in her heart
ive learned that reality and interpertations often exist on different spheres
when will my two worlds collide?
when will i find the one that says what she feels, that feels what she says, that cares like i do. the one that is gold with out th glitter.
reitoei we love shiny things so much. pretty jewels, gleaming metals. the magic rays of light hit the object and undergo some magic transformation. reflected and refracted off entering our retina and searing visions of wealth into our minds. 020220
quinn With One L

Do I still know you
You tell me youre happy
You say you love him
All I hear from you
Sweet hunny that spills over your lips
So gracious in your praise
All is golden
Quick to overlook his faults
Your eyes so bright and shiny
But can they really see?
You put on a good front
But is it all show
When your lips cloud with tears
And your throat chokes upon
Your unspoken dreams
Drowning in your desire
All is tinged in gold
Your voice defiled
With sarcasm
Hidden within the chamber of your heart
As it disintegrates in agony
All is tainted gold
Your hair
Blows in the stale wind
That smells of rotten love
Forgotten in the pages
Of his memory
But you wont remember
How could you forget
That is the future that I see
All is stained in gold
emmi "I guess you never held on to quality
Or you would've recognised by now
Something so special so true
When itís standing right in front of you

Gold lies in rivers undiscovered
Hidden from the sight of those
Who donít know what to look for
Sometimes the value is uncovered
Other times itís cast aside
By those who are just unsure

All the things you failed to see
Separated you from me
I decide who wins my time
And who comes inside
Cause what is true and what is real
Finds a way of being revealed"
emmi catch me in the slipstream
passing by the fools who just don't know
ninny nu nu ice-cream is better.

"have an ice-cream then" !

hee hee !
Q Please just let me know how dark you would like the gold. 070703
Transmogrifick Do not use the Gold of Sunshine. All other colors OK. 071005
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