dallas up through the air and off the ground where we cannot go. escape. 981027
miniver Said the Wind,
"there was afore a place
where more than less than
something slightly
lightly dark mattered alot,
and time fell upon existence."
He whistled.
He breezed, a bit.
"The categorical imperative
was a nasty
late (you see how time works)
byproduct of man-life."
Wind whispered,
"So, the only way
to get 'round, these days,
is to fly-by-night."
Colleen I flew anywhere in the world I wanted to for free, met tons of interesting people, visited exotic locales and often couldn't afford to eat there. That was my glamourous life as a flight attendant. 991111
lotusflower 798... 000213
skg dear god, make me a bird
so i can fly far
far, far away
dls do birds really fly, or are you just dreaming? 010424
god yes and yes 010522
god and yes 010522
~erin. how fast is one really travelling while flying if one must travel faster than the earth's rotation?

it's amazing we ever get anywhere, really.
magicforest I had such and urge right now to blathe here under flight...flight is how I feel right now...oh 031121
andru235 i took off, but i landed to pick you up. now you refuse to get in the plane. and time is running out so i have started the engine but you are still welcome to get in. please, come with. of course i cannot take you all the way. but halfway! i guess you'd rather walk. enjoy the walk. who cares, right? but i care. even though you don't i do. that's my fault, but i am in a plane and you are walking. that makes me sound technocratic but i don't think less of you for walking. it's just that i'm nice and i don't understand why you are refusing a lift; you might not make it in time otherwise. oh well. i tried. no, i haven't tried at all. isn't it more trying to walk? oh, who knows. who cares. i care, even though you don't. that is my fault. that is my quality. qualities are faults and faults are qualities, and it is really starting to irritate me. i am ready to fly away. but i will wait here until the last moment i can bear to stay, in case you decide you want a ride. 050824
andru235 a lift. 050824
andru235 an f-light 050824
coolsoundingme the secret is to start falling and miss the ground entirely.

or just shift the weight off the wheels onto the wings.

whichever is easier for you.
f well !

i know what it is to spank someone !

and don't think that i am joking.
f-light jet-a, i hate you! stop it. don't do it. this is my website. you make me ill, you don't understand. honestly i'm not joking you're so dangerous. you can't continue to do that forever, i need to move my chess peace forward or throw the who fucking game on the floor. It's not a fucking game afterall, maybe it is for you, i'm not interested in fightclubs anymore, this is your life and it's ending one minite at a time... please don't give me more grief, more pain, i'm not strong enough for it. 070515
stork daddy Flight

A father holds his fidgety son's
hand across a park.
They walk in the shade of trees
over dirt and pebbles
and leaves that did not fall teleologically
but were shaken loose.
They making sparkling crunches
like severed synapses when stepped on.
The two barely walk out of the shade
and the sudden light of sky
and clouds dizzies the father,
his eyes adjusting slower than his child.
He turns back instinctively,
with the same reflexiveness
of a nearby bird that
impulsively wanders out of its range
of comfortable stimuli towards the child
and then jerks back on itself dumbly.
As the father turns a bit sudden,
his son's hand shakes loose -
for a second and the boy steps
past the sudden boundary.
The father still squinting,
reaches his hand
out of the shade meatily grasping.
the boy is playful and evasive.
He looks at his father,
then at the bird -
and lunges at the bird.
The bird is forced startled feathers
into the sun blue sky.
its nervousness is hushed away
with the first flap
into ascending fluidity.
The father then walks out,
and gently regains his son's hand.
The man's pupils widen with the
same ancient, dumb, begrudging grace
that makes things fly.
kuffsleeve "fight or flight"

someone made that up too, did Darwin ever suggest an alternative for human beings ?

it is no good you telling me that somthing is hereditary because this means there is nothing i can do about it and that is bulshit negative information that doesn't help us.

Give me a leg up over the wall or knock the thing down. why are people so selfish when they have more than enough to survive on.
passive voice is there's a four-book series called flight, a compilation of short comics by a variety of authors. they're poignant; they stay with you; sometimes lift you up.

thanks for the library.
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