Shar It's a command. I hate it.

Why would you ever want to?

But they say I have to. To keep myself in my tier of the upper middle class and secure a lofty engineering job, I must dye my hair from green to a natural color, throw away my Airwalks for a pair of pumps, and buy pantyhose instead of thrift-store corduroys.

Just say it. I'll become a corporate whore.

I don't think it's in my control. I'm sorry regardless.
splinken there are huge influences that push at us all from all sides. rejecting one just means you're being swept away by another.

recognizing the push is the most anyone can do.
j_blue some of us default to other

there is no winning

enjoy what you have been given
tourist 'Twas ever thus.
When each generation comes to for
Each in turn rebels
against the grain of the Elders spoor
to make the world Their way.
And in this fight not to conform
a solidarity is gained.
among the youth new tribes are born
and in this way they do conform
to the next wave of non-confomity.
'Twas ever thus
just live you'll see
these fashions come in cycles
just hold on fast to your ideals
in these you'll find your freedom.
and take your world from aging hands
now back into the future.
j_blue nonconformity is not rebellion by definition

often nonconformity comes as rebellion, but not necessarily...

alot of people dont understand that sometimes individuals just cant conform, and they try very hard
chanaka once i wanted to conform to my
neighbor's standard green lawn
but sod was too expensive
so i had to stick with my brown grass
and i discovered that i like
brown grass better
i conform to myself
and i am happy (almost)
evolutionending 'You hear a voice begin to speak

You ignore it and go softly to sleep'
Ali Pharmakidis I'm bored and alone and whiny and bitchy and self absorbed and deserve to be shot out of a cannon and into a brick wall. I'm almost 22 years old and can't drive on the highway and about to enter my fifth year of college.
Here's a boy I think you should know about:
Just a little bit of indie dream pop mopey genius.
silentbob dont try to conform
dont try to NOT conform
just be yourself and if you are like everyone else, there isn't anything wrong with that. if you're different, thats all well and good, too.
TK My father, my mother, my brother, my teachers, everyone. "They were wrong." No, they were right. I could see that. "They used the wrong measure of intelligence." They didnít. They used the correct measure. "An intelligent man is a happy man, is he not?" No, he is not. My father was intelligent, but he was not happy. "Your father was not intelligent. The aim of life is happiness. Without happiness a life is without meaning." The aim of life is reason. Without reason life is without meaning. "Would you rather be happy than rational?" A lunatic can be happy without being rational. You are all lunatics. The moon will change itís phase and your madness will pass as your happiness will pass. The dark side of the moon is comming and with it your unhappiness. "We want you to be happy. Is that so awful?" You want me to go insane. "You would not be happy if you were insane." Of course not. "Then why would we want you to go insane? We desire your happiness." Leave me alone. Iíll be happy if Iím left alone. "No man can live alone." I can. Leave me alone. Iíll be happy. "Suppose we do leave you alone and you discover that you are unhappy. What then?" Please, please, leave me alone. "Alone means without the company of anyone." Yes, yes, I understand the word properly. "Then we will do that. We will leave you alone. But you must remember that you were the one who decided the basis of your happiness." Yes, yes, Iíll remember. "Do you believe that we only think of your happiness?" No. "What is it we want?" To drive me insane. "Towards what purpose?" ...because I will not conform.

by OneSickChild
not jake conformity is the key to temporary long term happiness 020506
hmm You will conform or you will burn...

Dave Conform is the love boat, moving in fast waters, a trail of raw egg and sausages, old watermen gathering up the remains, selling them to tourists, locals taking advantage of a gruesome wreck, pictures for papers, souvenirs for sale, no 1 2 men just dont want to 3 5 go there, comfortable 030405
niska piercings.

'how rebellious... in a conformist sort of way...'

-Lisa Simpson
Alvarny The true conformists are those who follow without knowing that they are.

Choosing to go with the flow is not what I would call conforming. Those who follow with understanding and choice, have made their decision.

We live with the decisions we make. Some do not know why they made them.
Messiah "Fuck our elders that try to oppress us,

try to make us conform to their 1930's ideals of

Racism, Sexism and Hypocrisy.

We have evolved into their worst nightmare,

a back-talking, free-thinking

movement of people who just dont give a fuck about

'The Rules'.

We have evolved into a free society.

Don't Conform."
pipedream ah, go soak your head...and TK, that was goooood. 031015
User24 to quote 'bandaids'
fuck all the gays!
fuck all the other religions!
screw womens rights!
I love police brutality!
animal testing is wonderful!
kill things!
shoot people!
be afraid of whats different!

the end.

save yourself.

wicked quote, that.
Death of a Rose Take conform, mix in reform, insert an i, I will confirm to reform my conformity. hmmmm... 031015
blister half of the kids at my school are "non-conformists"... what do you call that? all they do is move into a different bucket, conforming to non-conformitism like everyone else.

the only way to be different is to be original. your already unique, don't waste it. Like everyone is trying to make you do.
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