deb barefoot on the grass
in the early summertime
wiggling my toes
between the blades
listen to the singing of the
air between the trees
and watch the way
the world gets
in its own way

shoes... shoes...
no, i think i'll pass
but thanks :OP
Silent Bob once i wondered what it'd be like to live my life in half a dreamstate but i woke up soon after and put my shoes on and decided to escape to a destination_unknown 000615
sabbie my lovely boy
used to go barefoot all the time
when we lived in the small country town where we met

but then we moved
to the big city
and we got jobs
and he didnt like the idea of his feet walking on pavements
where so many people had spat

so he wears his boots everywhere now

but every so often
he'll go barefoot
and i'll get all nostalgic
for when we first met
Becky There were times when I'd take off my shoes just to feel the ground beneath my feet. I enjoyed the way the grass felt when I'd lay down, feet naked, just bathing in the sun.
I felt untainted and new, watching the clouds roll by in shapes of animals and flowers..
Wishing the sky would burst.. throwing droplets down, so I could continue to lay there, soaked with wonder and awe, with my feet still buried in the grass.
lady lunchbox last nite he fell asleep on my bed while my roomie and i watched tv.

he fell asleep barefoot.

i painted his toenails purple, and he still hasn't noticed. ;)
Dis My sweetie said I could paint his nails, but we never got the chance.

Soon, I hope. Lounging on the sofa, watching a movie or reading the paper, he'll stroke my hair slowly while I buff his tiny toenails and coat them in sparkly silver.

Tee hee.
freakizh naked feet
way too innocent and naive
to refuse to walk
from this lady who
every now and then
cuts her nails

but this is not about that, anyway

naked little feet
are fat and yummy
like a girl's of elementary,
or a recently born baby
and this may sound mushy
and childish
but is wonderful to be sock-free
to whether avoid the laundry
or to touch again the earth that made them strong enough to hold my life
kelli crane okay in california but not in connecticut 020112
Toxic_Kisses "Sheís so beautiful now, she doesnít ware her shoes" 020118
the indulgent ascetic memory moment;

peeling her socks off and baring her delicate feet and her pretty toes, thumb in circular motion against the soles

index fingertip tracing her instep

pressure and motion, pleasure in simple moments

the tendon just above the heel where ankle meets foot, gentle strokes.

kissing the soft skin, listen for sound of sighing breath and stifled moan

tip of tongue meets tips of toes

soft bites, not to mark or wound but for sensation's sake


feel my pulse quicken in my temples
feel the quickening of her pulse as my lips encircle one of her toes

moment of exploration

testing frontiers, boundaries.
(southern) cube cracker...
anonymouse I just hope you dont get a hook worm. 020702
adam and pregnant. 020703
myplasticmind I ate my chuckies. THey were the best kind, red, and beautiful....but i ate them. Now i pretend that i am wearing them, i walk around thinking i'm cool and smile whenever people stare at my barefoot feet.
i think my feet like it, much better then being caged up inside some stuff-shoe.
Lindsey when i wake up in the middle of the night and pitter-patter across your floor in my bare feet for a glass of water, i'll know i've come home. 030708
jane the only way to be 030708
no reason last night i was really itching to walk barefoot to a bar. it was dark, and warm, and i would have felt so free... 030709
Nihility running down the sidewalk,
its dark, who knows what i could step on
i'm running too fast
who cares.
tidy houses flash by
warm light behind square windows
they can't see me.
girl_jane in the park...and anywhere else I happen to get the urge to be free. 031119
matt slick marble floors, cool under bare feet. i stand and talk to a cute girl in pink flip flops, her small toes fascinate, her instep intoxicates. the sight of her arch and sole as her flip flop dangles... the best part of summer 040509
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