adam i hate you. 990214
daxle black curly hair, you had a son and a big window, that's all I remember 990416
poot my best friend 990712
l She was very very pretty and delicate, but insecure. She was highly worried about gaining weight, which was disturbing. 990714
adam it's been 5 months and i still hate you. 990731
antifab my daddy bought me a big explorer after he tested me positive for coke - aren't I a lucky girl 991104
lisa_is_bionic Lex, where are you? I miss you. 000526
ladyg the name of my precious baby girl who i love very much. the light of my everyday. prettiest smile, big brown eyes, long brown hair, will always be my precious alexis 000804
Lost is a sweetheart, but all the girls hate her because most guys are attracted to her unusually large breasts.

People think she's stupid because she's pretty. For guys, that's a good thing. For girls, that's a bad thing.

People ask if being her romantic interest for the past two school musicals has been extra fun because she's "hot." No... not because she's hot... because she's Alexis.
girl sometimes he gets really mad and he says im just like her. it hurts me so much. it fills me with questions. if im just like her maybe he shouldnt be with me. one time he got very strange because he said their relationship was just like ours at that point in time. hes is so afraid it seems. it like he feels like he has done this all befoe and he knows that it will end how it will end. sometimes i feel like he reliving his relationship with her through me. i'll make a face or use an expression and he'll say that she used to do that same thing. hes getting better at remembering the happy times and focusing less on the horrible ones. it still hurts me. i promised him i would never be her and im still here. its hard sometimes.
i met her once. i dont think she liked me. i hated her then. i couldnt understand how she was the beautiful ray of sunshine he once loved but then i didnt know her the way he did. i later heard thru the grapevine that she was worried about me with him. last year we would see her every couple of days in passing. i was glad that she could see us still together a year later holding hands. i dont hate her now i dont like her either. i dont care enough to hold a grudge thats not even mine against a girl i dont even know.
unhinged THE bitch of the festival. alexis wasn't actually her first name; it was her middle name. she started going by her middle name because her mother didn't like the way the black maid pronounced her first name --- courtney. her family owns a town in texas...and you can tell. all she ever did was bitch about people and she was down right cruel. she was originally the violist for the shosty and she sucked so bad that i lost the little bit of respect i had for her because she was such a hypocrite not to mention a fucking bitch. 010808
silentbob "cut him" he said

"Cut him while i stand hear and watch. i want to see the blood flow. don't make me tell you twice."
Kate The girl that Paul took to Homecoming, and wrote "Autum Lies" for. She came with him to one of the football games that we played pep band for, and she wore this horrible shirt. It was like red/pink/flower multicolored shirt, and hideous. She didn't look very happy to be there, and she's best friends with Julianne, which didn't make me like her very much. I didn't see her at Homecoming which was probably best. I wanted to be her back then. 020423
nocturnal is the biggest fucking bitch I have ever met in my life and I can't wait until she dies. the world will be a better place, and I mean that quite literally. 020423
lightning jazz he had another one before me

An alexis that was all smiles and come hither eyes and bubblegum lipgloss. Always leaned in too close to talk. More like a lexi.

I used to hate her because she signed her emails with my name.

Alexis is different on her tongue then mine, and she is not fighting her way here on the same boat that i am. We are made of different things through and through, and your name is not the same as mine.

so it's all good
sometimes is never good enough my dyslexic alexis:
"hey so i cant talk to u about this bc i cant help u since im 16 but that away message is horrible n u need to cahnge it, i doono wheather u r serious or not but it is not something u want up there nor is it something that u should be saying tell ur parents if u r seriosu n if u r not then take it down"
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