silentbob you may be racist and DEFINATELY prejudice if you associate a certain mannerism with the entire race that person is.
like all black people are criminals, and all mexicans are lazy, and stuff like that.
these are prejudices i have percieved among my white middle class peers, stereotypes etc. as if all mexicans are illegal immigrants who dont work and just collect the welfare. that is a racist frame of mind.
birdmad heheh...
as the resident convenient and frequently gratuitous Mexican here i can tell you to just ask the Indians who THEY think the illegal aliens are...i'll bet any number of closed/armed border proponents would be unpleasantly surprised

silentbob, you rule
splinken everyone's got their Secret Thing they've said.

guilt guilt guilt.

heh heh.
silentbob thats what i say every time one of these Proud To Be White kids opens their mouths, bird. theyre like "If mexicans are gonna come over here and take our jobs, they least they can do is learn the fuckin language" as if we bothered to learn Native American langauges. and these are the same people who believed Columbus discovered America....didn't HE speak spanish too? he didn't bother to learn the fuckin language.
what kind of freedom does this country have when people arent allowed to make choices of what they want to learn and what they are FORCED to?
i dont think immigrants should be forced to learn the language.
but thats just me.
pajaro enojado Drop this on any ignorant people you might know, Bobby...

see if any of it makes its way by osmosis into their skulls

Columbus was paid by the Spanish he spoke Spanish and Italian

he landed in the bahamas...and of course the chris rock question still remains:

"How the fuck do you discover something that's already got people on it?"

second there are bits of evidence that suggst that the egyptians may have actually visited or been visited by one of the Pre-Colombian empires of south america (traces of cocaine in tissue samples taken from mummies)

Saint Brendan is believed to have crossed the atlantic and back from Ireland in a boat made of leather,wood and whalebone.
Some archaeolgical evidence suggests that Asians (most likely Chinese) may have visited the Central American region...(and by central america, i most certainly do not mean the so-called "great plains states")

the only problem i have with wetbacks is that they can be pretty fucking obnoxious...they act here the way americans act when they go overseas...where do you think all the foreigners who behave like assholes learned it from...most of them DON"T get welfare because most of them don't legally exist in the system...that's why they tend to live in tight bunches in dive-ass hotels packing twenty people into a room meant for four while taking the far below minimum wage jobs that keep reasonably priced food on America's tables.

My first job was out with the farmworkers, the campesinos, i worked in a packing shed during a summer harvest...i spent some time out in the fields...i grew up around the culture, i knew people whose parents worked the cliche jobs as hotel/motel housekeeping and landscapers and pool cleaners... when i decided to hang with a more upwardly mobile crowd, i experienced on several occasions what it is like to be mistaken for the help when i was one of the guests.

Anyone who lives on the west coast knows that until the 1840's, just about everything west of the rockies was spanish/mexican territory or had until recently been so....hell, just look at the names of the states that sprung up from those territories: Colorado (sp..."colored" especially red); California...hmm, that doesn't have a saxon ring to it...Oregon; Montana (put that mark back on top of the last N and it's the spanish word for "mountain"); New MEXICO...Arizona (all of which was siezed in the great wave of American Imperialism and genocide known as "Manifest Destiny"....hmm smallpox blankets anyone?)

I look at it this way...the occupants of the Mayflower were the original "BOAT PEOPLE"...It's funny that we got along so poorly with the Australians at the Olympics...both nations were founded by people who the British didn't want to keep around...refugees...

j_blue whatever, try the flip side of color. i got to be the white devil of the family, being the farest skinned of a mixed race matriarch. white people in the west get as much abuse as anyone. i hate it. there is only irony it 001004
j_blue one more thing, idealism is cute, i wish i could afford it... 001004
Norm I heard he only drinks the whitest milk money can buy 011014
ClairE I wish I'd never heard the word.

I don't want to care.
crimson Dear Racist,
I want to beat you until your skin changes color.
Casey Look, Iím not a racist or anything, all I know is that after a Rainbow Party lipstick shows up a lot better on a white penis than it does on a black one. 040504
dreamer I think the only racial prejudice I have is that I automatically assume other races think I'm racist. Strange, no? Almost Cache 22-ish. Almost, not quite. 050407
dandy racism (agism, sexism and all its friends) are sloppy overgeneralizations of thinking without thinking 050407
dooodi I's very bad 050618
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