Splinken "cause everyone's my friend, in new york city!

and everything looks beautiful
when you're young and pretty.

the streets are paved with diamonds and there's just so much to see

but the best thing about new york city is

you and me."
Brad i'm going to be sick.... i heard that song over at the fables "girls' house" too many times. 000627
Erin The world minimized into one city....
Pure Genius......

i love it
sonic youth wont you please let me fuck you
'cause i'm just a boy
with not much to do...
florescent light I can't believe that so many people can fit in one place 010801
unhinged the sensation of feeling infintisimally small did not turn me on. the bustle gave me a headache and i almost got hit by a car. but they do have some pretty churches there. 010802
kingsuperspecial quantity_vs_quality 010803
ClairE Naked_Dave sent me a picture of the F train and I almost cried from it.

There is nowhere else. Not really.
sphinxradio i don't know if i really want to live there. it scares me a little.

so does everything new, i guess.
lo i hate new york esp manhatten...everyone i know always wants to go there to hang out. i can't stand all the people and the cars and buses and i hate the subway. i hate that cigs cost 7 bucks i hate that bloomburg is making all the resturants and bars smoke free. i hate that nyc is such a big deal. i hate the pretention that surrounds it. i hate the dingy bodegas and the huge shiny stores i hate the boutiques and the thrift shops i hate being asked if you wanna buy this illegal substance or that bootleg or this cheap peice of junk for five bucks. i hate the taxis i hate central park. i can't stand all the freaking people all over the place crowded in in your way in your face. i hate the tourists i hate the natives i hate the people who just go there for a night on the town. i hate the business guys and the limos and snazzy coffe shops that are stuffed to the brim.i hate penn station... that of course is just me lots of people like's not my kind of city....too big i guess... for me give me union's like no where...just a city and it feels like home..maybe nyc is too somewhere for me
jane everything you just described - all the elements of the city - but also, the fact that it moves you so much to hate - i mean, it really invokes something, at least - why i love the city 050219
ever dumbening my week flies by
rubens at the met
line upon line
words and wine
smothered pork, best greens
duck paillard
take the 3 back home
full. and happy.
jane it know ye cry
we coy try ink
crow key tiny
crow yet inky
corny key wit
icy knew troy
icky we no try
icky rye town
icky went roy
tricky ye won
coke tiny wry
crew inky toy
neck i toy wry
rickey towny
ice wonky try
ever dumbening a.n.k.a. bird jane,
i take it you didn't get my email?
jane(some large number) at
from new_york blather
jane sorry, no... see: my_correct_email_address ... i'm so sorry. let me know if you want to do something still - i dont have any school on monday, so i'm pretty much free until tuesday. 050220
Piso Mojado here i come 050317
Piso Mojado stole my heart 050330
unhinged my_favorite_painting lives there 050330
no reason i've been itching and aching to go back
and stay for awhile
it's one of the only places i've ever been that feels like home
REAListic optimIST I'm going for the first time this weekend! I am brimming with anticipation and excitement. Who knows what wonders await me? Will I get to ride in a hybrid taxi? 051117
falling_alone this trip that we've been planning since christmas that turned into new york instead of disney world, wants to come alive but neither of us seem to have the strength when money poses such a threat. a hostel has been found that seems decent, we know the bus and times, now we need to book it all, to commit.
random thoughts that plague her are what to do, but i don't think she understand all we have to do is walk around to become excited. why spend money to do what the tourists do (granted it would be exciting to ride on those tour buses with 2 levels)...
awful truth i am here.

here i am.

this is where i have been heading my whole life.

it is..................
coolsoundingme can't wait to have a party when this place, long_island, and westchester sink into the atlantic. first round's on me. easily the worst place i have ever lived.

jersey can stay, cause at least it knows it sucks.
z i am here now 070313
no reason i met some people from there today in amsterdam
i told them i was from toronto, and they said "wow, that's a long trip."
i didn't really know what to say, because i didn't think it was much longer a trip (if at all) than from new york. one of them said "it's above seattle, right?" and i replied no, it's east, it's in ontario.
the other one said "oh, right, that's vancouver. i was getting them mixed up."

seems like the canadian version of getting new york and los angeles mixed up. or something.
hsg if it was warmer (the all_year_'round king) i think i'd be there. 090409
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