daxle I will light the match this morninī so I wonīt be alone
watch as she lies silent but soon light will be gone
oh I will stand arms outstretched pretend Iīm free to roam
oh I will make my way through one more day

How much difference does it make.....How much difference does it make

I will hold the candle ītil it burns up my arm
oh Iīll keep takinīpunches 'til their will grows tired
oh I will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind
hey, I wonīt change direction and I wonīt change my mind

How much difference does it make.....How much difference does it make

Iīll swallow poison until I grow immune I will scream my lungs out
ītil it fills this room

How much difference much difference
how much difference does it make much difference does it make
amy the candle flame is the same. the "difference" between alone and together. 991230
ikon It's the nothingness.
That fine line between caring and not giving a damn.
But really just nothing.
Not even me.
smed They tell me that my indifference is wrong, and unjustified. That my attitude (or lack thereof) will get me nowhere in this world. Maybe they just don't know me well enough to see my un-apathetic side. Or maybe I haven't found something to be care about. Either way, it is none of their damn business. 000307
Mushroomman Maybe it's just me.... but i think there is too much of it in this world today, i don't know what to expect from people these days... 010814
x i always come back to this 030102
robotseduction I wish I had the willpower to feign indifference, but there's something about your innocent stupidity that makes you absolutely irresistable.

"Love is for martyrs," and I live for tragedy.
Syrope i treat you like i treat every cruel person i've encountered - with pretended indifference. you can't take it. it's like you need to upset me to keep breathing, for your heart not to stop. so you keep insulting me, and mocking me, and dragging me into uncomfortable situations. soon i'll be calloused enough to treat you with real indifference, but until then


it hurts
Drake Dracoli Race and racism are foolish conceptions generated by man. 030217
illusionary_reality i don't care.
i feign indifference.
not that it makes a difference, but covers up pretty well.
i don't care.
i am indifferent to your words.
pete apathetic dreams 040609
apathy we have a difference. 080108
lux opposite of love. 080109
pobodys nerfect One of the last times we spoke, he talked about the redhead who had dumped him and informed him she was leaving town--all in one shot. He said she was coming back in town, and went on a long spiel about how uncomfortable he hoped she would be if she came across him at a (likely lame, poseurish) club he frequented.

I suggested he may still have feelings for her (while keeping my anger in check that he would have the utter nerve to even bring up this particular subject with me at all, given how much of an ass he'd been to me because i had feelings for him).

He scoffed at the idea of still liking her and said he was "indifferent". I told him, "how can you claim to be indifferent on one hand, and give a shit about how that person reacts to you on the other? When i have no feelings one way or another about someone, the last thing i do is think about them".

Naturally, his tiny little brain had a hard time grasping that concept. =P

He's started showing himself on AIM again these last few days. He hardly ever uses AIM, so I guess he figures he's treating me to some sort of *gift* by being on. HA! I may not be indifferent to him just yet, but I'm smart enough to know what an ass he is, and the more he waves himself in my face, the more angry i get...
rhin if nothing else, i can pick up the most extreme, minute tells of indifference. that is the easiest way to bottle me up and some do it quite well, whether they mean to or not. to not have what i say acknowledged is a slap in the face of how well you really don't want to know me. 130527
nr in some ways i want to be but in others i fear the loss 190721
nr indifferent, that is. (i definitely am not feeling indifference toward my grammar errors, so that's something?) 190721
nr someone said it's much more likely that a person who hates you, or thinks they do, will end up loving you

than a person who's indifferent toward you, who will almost never
what's it to you?
who go