dafremen Once upon a time, there existed a mightily intelligent being, born of and encompassing the ethers. It's thoughts were as varied and magnificent as the trillions of actions from which they sprang. Within its all seeing mind, the acts of all of its many components whirled like birds in the air, in a unison brought about not by some centrally forged dictation, but by the voluntary acts of all of their parts. From time to time, a bit would flit here or there outside of the main stream of movement and from this would spring inspiration or none at all. Sometimes these bits of what some might term rebellion within its mind would lead on its train of thought and the main stream of its consciousness would follow. From this sprang its awareness, and from this awareness sprang its Being.

Now Being is an interesting word. It is both a noun and a verb, without changing form or definition. It is the crux of what is and the essence of what happens..without being either or the other. It describes all that is and all that occurs and in the end, it most elegantly and simply describes all.

Through the course of Being, this all-creature formed of its thoughts many great and marvellous creations. The random yet collective actions of it's Being became many things, some of which were glowing points of light tucked away within the spiralling arms of earlier notions (which much later would be stuffed into a rather tiny box called galaxies by yet smaller becomings of the all..but that's getting ahead of the story.) From these point of light impressions sprang that, for the sake of clarity of communication and brevity will be called here solid masses or planets..although in reality, these have no name at all.

Of particular interest to this story (which must also, tragically, be composed of these tiny boxes known eventually as words) is a particular planet some of whose inhabitants (once it seemed to have some) came to call Earth. Upon this beautiful notion, Earth, through the same random (and dare we say..purposeful?) interactions came into being many variations of the all-Being known as life. These took an amazing variety of forms, for there was no single course defined for them to follow other than perhaps, those determined by the nature of the idea from which they sprang, this lovely notion..Earth.

All went well for a time, for the All's methods still reigned supreme. (A method to which there was no method at all save that of being.) But one day or perhaps one year, (or were it maybe several millenia?) there came to be, through the course of these whirling thoughts, a philosophy we now call human.

Now up until this time for the most part, each part of the All had developed as was its way. Each developed as a course of its being. Some notions died, and others thrived, depending upon how its actions reflected the overall notions of the All. But all things being what they were, the All had achieved a mighty thought process formed of the independent, random actions of its trillions and trillions of parts. It's brain if you will, was composed of trillions of cells acting, without perhaps the intention of doing so, in unison to bring about the Becoming of the All during the act of its Being.
The end result was that all of these unique ideas were able to go about their own being without interfering with the Being of the All. It should also be noted that each of these ideas didn't destroy the original notion from which they had sprung..Earth. On the contrary, their independent action contributed to the notion that was Earth..and thus provided for the continuance of all thoughts sprung of Earth.

On the occasions when a thought sprung up that was destructive to the other notions around it, the All had built in, a mechanism that caused these destructive thoughts to destroy the notions upon which they thrived, ensuring their eventual demise or an adjustment of their acts. In this way, the All could entertain all thoughts, but only those that ensured the continued becoming of the All would remain.

However, one of the limitations of human and of all notions was an inability to see the sum Being of the All..and so, as soon as animals and their brethren human thoughts could think for themselves..they chose to do so, perceiving only chaos in the rather orderly progression of the All's randomly interacting parts.

This led to the notion of self as the center of Being..everything outside of the self seeming to be but unpredictable random interactions. (A foolish notion, as the reader could no doubt surmise, having read thus far.) With the notion of self as the center of Being came the likewise strange notion of active self preservation. It wasn't enough to be whatever the All would be, but rather it became imperative to direct the individual parts acts of being toward ensuring the survival of the individual notion its like notions. (The basis these days, you see...of war, argument and domination..but again I digress.)

In time, and at times...this led to the complete relinquishment of the act of Being a part of the All, to the preference for self preservation. While each what we call species produced upon the Earth was still just a group of free acting parts of the All...quite often these parts would choose to select a leader part and follow its directives, rather than the random course contained naturally within them. Eventually, with the evolution of reason, the human philosophy believed that by imposing a specific way of acting upon other parts of the All, ORDER could be established. (This perceived necessity being based upon the mistaken notion that because the Becoming of the All was achieved through random interaction, that it must in fact have no order to it..completely oblivious of and denying the fact that it was these random interactions that had led to their very existence as notions within the mind of the All.)

At first this so-called Order was established here and there in rather haphazard groupings of human notions upon the face of their mother idea Earth..but it wasn't long (within the lifespan of the All-Being) before certain notions began to lead all of the individual ideas within the human portion of the All. Whereas the number of individual human parts of the All's mind numbered in the billions, they were quickly becoming the functional equivilant of a few thousand notions...marking the dumbing down of the All's mind/being within the confines of the human philosophy ie. species.

Eventually we came to the day your human notion sits in today, where practically all human idea has been encapsulated and is forced upon each individual facet of the All by a very few human ideas rather than billions of human acts. The course of the evolution of the human mistake...had led to the All having, within the confines of human interaction..not a single Becoming composed of 6 billion random interactions as had all notions before them developed..but instead, a becoming brought about by the very very few parts, all engaged not in the Becoming of the All...but in the act of self-preservation of just those few leader notions.

The human race had not helped the Becoming of the All expand to 6 billion interactions, but through Law, and Force had reduced the All's becoming to little more than the notions of an insect's brain, composed of but a few thousand limited sets of functions and actions. What's more, they'd organized those actions in the direction of destroying their mother notion in the...Earth and all other notions sprung from the Earth which they did not feel would aid the act of preserving their leader notions. Self preservation had taken the place of Being.

And once again, I hope it's obvious what a foolish, foolish notion it is to only be concerned with human notions and not with human BEING at all.

There's a second part to this story which will have to wait to be related. For now there's this to digest and perhaps to ponder.
dafremen Please pardon the rushed nature of this story. There wasn't a great deal of time to work on it. 080921
Lemon_Soda I'm diggin' it.

This is exactly what I'm trying to tell people that they just don't get when I say "Just BE."

Awell, the ALL wouldn't put up with us if there wasn't a point.
In_Bloom All the me's are swimming in daf's All 081110
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