ClairE Why is it
those who say they haven't found it
are always the experts on
whether you have?
marjorie does not wait 011204
unhinged is when you poke your eye out
falling on the blade you were holding
chasing the old you
down a crowded street
because you wanted to stop and talk for awhile
to warn her
that what she's looking for doesn't
sabbie and he made holes in his shirt
that let the nighttime in
trying to twist
a fliptop bottle of redback for me.
rusty gate love is two powerful an emotion to be summed up in words... thats why we have so much more then the ability to read... you dont read love.. you feel it and sometimes you cant even describe that feeling... thats why we can see love.... and right when love gets out of our sites we can smell love... and as the smell slowly drifts away... i hear your voice telling me what love really is....and as i loose the sounds of your voice that comfort me so dearly...... i know i will soon be touched by the love we share for each other. 020205
. . 020528
dondeestanlosjaguares To my parents:
Don't say that I do not know how to love. Don't say that I am too young to know what true love is! I know what it is to love, and I know that I am in love. I know how I feel because I have been brought up by some of the most caring and dedicated parents to have ever graced this planet. I know what it is to love because you have shown me the most amazing of emotions in your every day lives. The way you caress mom and give her a kiss on the cheek as you think we are looking away. The way you make papa his coffee or simply exchange those smiles whenever we have proven to be a good child. The way that you are to my other siblings. The way that you treat us all, different, because you recognize the individualism in each and everyone of us, but yet all with the same affection and love. I have lived happily for the first part of my life. Since the first day that I was born, the way you held me in my arms. My first steps and any little thing I did. All in my time, I was given affection and treated the way I was supposed to, according to your personal visions, I was created. I was allowed to be who I wanted to be, and yet you safeguarded me from any dangers that might have come my way. You have shown me true love in every way possible throughout my entire history. . .

Why is it that now you say that I don't know what true love is, that I am too young to love? Is it not that I love you, my dear parents??? I know that I have learned a lot from you and learning to love one another is something that I didn't miss a lesson in. I now know that I can find love somewhere else, because I know what true love is like. I have my sights and my illusions, all of my dreams and fantasies, locked onto this one other person. This person that shares the exact same feelings for me. This other person that has had loving parents. This other person that has learned how to love. That knows what true love is. Why is it that you tell me that we are too young and don't know what we are doing??? I know what I am doing because I am following my heart. I follow it with blind devotion because that is what I have been shown to do by you. I have loved you and I know that I am capable of loving another. This other wonderful person whom I share so much with. I love this other person. There is no way around it. Love is worth fighting for. Love, to me, is strong enough to overcome any odds. Love is simply. . . . . . precious.
bethany i dont think twoow wove is what steve and i have 020726
phil today 020729
blown cherry I had it once.
But maybe there doesn't have to be just one.
Syrope i thought i had found it at one point...the whole time there was a doubting voice, but i was too afraid to hear all points of view. now i realize that the voice was going to tell me what i should be doing instead to find true love, but i ignored it so long that it went away. and now i am at a loss of how to love at all. 020825
jane is a good cafe but i'm getting sick of the regulars there 020825
GirlNamedLover as opposed to fake love?
I think love is love and some people just call things love that arent.
quotational reference system "death cannot stop true love, all it can do it hold it up a bit."
devalis wasn't true
till i met you
kss my stomach hurts

or was that the burrito?
delial is there some sort of defining moment
where you just KNOW___know know know know-----
and TRULY UNDERSTAND what love is?

because I feel like I know
I feel like it's here

I feel...too much to say

but how can i know if it's true or not?
just feeling like it is
having no doubt in your mind
does that verify it enough?
or do I really need someone else to tell me
what it is?

I wish i knew.

..I wish _you_ knew.
phil any poem about love
is always a poem
in love
a poem about love
is always a poem
in love
to be in love
with a poem about love
is to love
love's poem
love my poem

i have never been more in love with you than i am right now
minnesota_chris poop lasts forever too, if you keep in baggies under your bed. 050314
girl_jane I know it's true love because I want to learn how to cook for him.

I want to be my best for him, because he deserves the best.
TrueMe Starts with me.
Starts right here.
Starts right now.


Where are you?
ioi fuck_definition 070322
unhinged oh does exist; but not eternally
just fleeting moments
stolen days
and hours
my lips can still remember you
for now
a little sadly
to be alone again
you were the way
i always wanted it to be
even if
it was just
some stolen days
stolen hours
what's it to you?
who go