oak barrel 3.38 this quarter! I'm so happy! hahah 021117
devalis 3.84
i'm dropping
Kate 4.45! Yay for 4.5 scales for Honors classes. Can't wait for my AP US History A+, a whopping 5.3! 021118
p2 where all the cool
dyslexic kids
or should I change Mmmm straight A's finally... 4.833... the race for the top ten heats up as the first two drop behind and the plague of senioritis sweeps over the school... maybe I can weasle back in to number 10... 021118
LawnGnomeFreak And I skid into last place with a GPA no hotter then in ice cube in a frozen lake in the middle of winter on the coldest day of the last ten ice ages! A steaming 3.500! Oh, if only I posessed the motivation... 030524
lo 4.0 though it is not very happy since it is based on all of two classes... 030524
pipedream is there NOBODY with a crappy GPA like mine? i hate means and standard devs and all this bloody rubbish....*sniff* 030524
The Spork I don't know if it's still true, but i am a reasonably successful adult in spite of only having managed a 2.8 GPA through most of college. Motivation, aptitude and a willingness to pay attention and learn in more practical situations are sometimes better attributes than one's ability to perform rote recitations of abstract notions to satisfy cold academic requirements.

And I don't mean to be provincial by speaking from an American perspective, but I really think that as diverse as our society is becoming, and with the globalization of economies, I am still shocked that we don't push for an educational model more along the lines of schools in Europe and parts of Asia, where foreign language skills are taught beginning in the primary grades and there is an emphasis placed on actual learning.

People who think a classical education is out of touch need to really stop and see just how far the quality of the written word has slipped over the last fifty years or so.

The push, especially over the last 25 years or so to emphasize test scores over actual learning is at least partially to blame.

Okay, brevity is the soul of wit and I have just proven myself to be long-winded and tedious. I think I'll shut the hell up now, thank you.
minnesota_chris yes, all of you who are showing off your gpas, just stop it. 030525
Andrew Sier What my initials would be if I were someone completely different. 030717
ferret there's so much more to people than gpa's, they suck. no, i'm not even going to start that. too much writing

gross_poopy_academy :)
megan i looked at this
and thought of my grandpa (g-pa)
once again My favorite card says something along the lines of

FACT# 274

Noone really cares waht your GPA is

by FreshInk
oldephebe Spork - I so emphatically agree! 030824
endless desire i thought grandpa too.
that's the cool thing to think.

i have a 4.33 and i worked for those ones.
but i only worked the last 2 weeks or so.
a little luck and a lot of charm, right?
or was it a lot of lucky and a little charm?
either way. i_mean, i know i earned them, but i just don't feel. . .oh who cares? it's school. screw gpas and classes and mindless hours of busy work.
celestias shadow i dunno, i'm only going into my sophomore year of high school. *squints* i don't think i even exist yet. 030903
misstree i had a gpa of 2.3 and a act of 33 (of 36, for the old folx)... shows ya how well my gpa reflected my cognitive ability and learning... wasn't much of a misfit, just absolutely refused to do homework, especially drudge work... haven't done a whole lot career-wise with my life, but grey matter has sailed me through quite a few stranger seas. 030903
mytwohands in a few days
i'll end my junior year
of high_school.
currently, im averaging
a 4.04 gpa. it's modest//
fairly decent. im like
30th in my class or some
bullshit like that.
and the funniest thing
about it all
is im dropping out
in june.
testing out,
to be technical about it.

a 4.0 drop-out.
a 4.0 drop-out.

i feel like such a failure,
because this semster i have all F's
which means im a failure.

a 4.0 failure.
a 4.0 failure.

i have this paranoid feeling
that people are sneaking up on me all the time
and that the walls will betray me
and suddenly fall in
for no reason at all.

but im not scared anymore
because if you kill me
you'll do me a favor
and if you fuck me up enough
no one will blame when i kill myself.

am i cynical enough for you yet?

haha we should sit down for a cup of tea
and i'll pick your brain
and we can talk about our vast literary
knowledge and extensive supply
and writing techniques and cliches
and fuck up phrases. here we go. here we go. here we go. here we go. here we go. here we go. here we go.

i have a feeling im going to exhaust my stay here in a very brief period of time.
falling_alone 4.0
out of 4.
very loosely based becuase our school doesnt have the time, doesnt care to narrow it down to decimals, so i have a 4.0 as a B+ student. how odd.
falling_alone ok, maybe A-... 050601
:) as of lat friday my final official GPA was a 89.80 which put me a 109 of 371 students in my graduating class. its not bad, but it could have been better. Oh well, too late now 050601
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