Erin what a crap ass word I mean Break is bad itself. You go to face the world the next day and people say you broke-up. I fuckin hate it....why cant we say like moved on to a better guy. OH WAIT guys suck nevermind they all change..thank you for letting me cool off bye bye 010118
silentbob blathercriticism

you're annoying for purposely putting the same four things on four different words that all sound similar and have similar meanings.

come on.
Dark Rifter X My breakup,
And then on to why.
Why this.
Why me.
The End
Lindsey so yeah, my day is more than shit. and yeah, i am actually in physical pain about this, and no i have not slept in three days, and yes the fish were actual signs of sleep deprivation and my father thinks i might be having a breakdown of some sort. so yeah, i am selfish and a bitch and stuck up my own ass. but for the past three days the only words out of my mouth have been words of encouragement. i just had the most desperate phonesex of my life with chris so that he wouldn't get off the phone until he medicine kicked in. i had to hear him tell me that he loved me while he was wondering if he was ever going to talk to me again. and now i have to go through tomorrow waiting for lauren to kill a baby that i was more than willing to take care of for her because she doesn't want people to think she's a slut or look bad in a bathing suit. i am selfish and bitchy right now, yes. and for the rest of tonight, and possibly all of tomorrow, i am going to stay that way, depending on whether i can find tranquilizers strong enough to put my ass to sleep. 020408
lolabigcups you deserved it. 020507
je5icafletcher@yahoo i, lola big cups, am making refernce to the person i just dumped, not the people who previously left their blather. and yes, it does suck, doesn't it. if i could i would simply cut out my heart and feed it to this person to force them to understand what they have done and why i can not be with them. and to my previously mentioned blatherers, i am deeply apologetic for the pain you have. it is such the shittiest way to feel. it's like someone ran over your dog or your foot or your penis or whatever it is you hold dear. either way, it sucks.feel free to email unless you are 1. crazy or 2. mean 3. my ex 4. someone who wants a date. 020507
jessica sometimes i think we should, but then you hold me or you do some really amazing and really thoughtful what? now do i comeover every friday so we can have sex and go to sleep. now do i wait it out until i feel you again? now what? when is it time to break up? i think i'm just gonna "be patient; i must keep reminding myself of this". to throw away such a beautiful thing just because you keep messing up does seem like a waste. i think i'm gonna die. 021011
tito God why is it so hard?? 030618
Night_Angel Yeah, just went through one of these. I'd like to say that I'm happy... I'd like to say a lot of things. I guess my biggest questions would be this... "When you know it's over why is it so hard to let go?" I find myself missing him, missing us... but only the good times. It's funny how when it ends all I can do is miss the good and suddenly all the fights are far from my mind. I wish there was a way to make this stuff easy... but then maybe life would be boring. So here I am alone, hurting, confused... isn't this what I wanted??? 060418
no reason talking to someone regularly for months and then suddenly not letting yourself talk to them even though you want to
feels like a breakup
my name it means nothing and breakdown 081011
In_Bloom Words of love between lovers by word can rebuild whatever words tear down

Silence and absence are made less painful by the trill of birds...
what's it to you?
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