birdmad you're in a laundry room 010410
eddie monster lonsome in a room with quivering candles
knife cuts skin like butter
losing grip on lifes handles
heart pumps and flutters

delighted in a field with flowers
summers scent bring youthful memories
mother natures wholesome powers
rid me for a while of all my worries

in bed with a slutty cutey
silkyness of her inner beauty
milkyness of pale white skin
her fishhook eyes reel me in

betrayed in love once or twice
girls who can't feel
give away the keys to my heart
will its wounds ever heel

open gates after so many years
damaged goods irreparably
comeing to terms with all my fears
need someone to help me
no reason happy hour 020722
eddie monster beer thirty 020722
eddie monster the scar over her lip
brings out
her pearly white teeth
the scar over her lip
tells a story

she gave me my first kiss
so gentle
her tongue moist and playful
tells me the things i don't want to know

i haven't seen her
since that kiss
i can only imagine
the things i miss

she's sad
she sais it's held her back
i'm sorry
i think it's wonderfull

like a birthmark
like a earing
like a tattoo
right now it's the thing that attracts me most to you

a blemish that will never fade
an attraction i can't understand
i love you
i love your every fault

her facial scars
eddie monster i can never feel
i can only dream
a corpse with a soul
that can't wait to leave
aimlessly searching
streetlights flood the streets
wandering nowhere
no one to meet
cornered in my mind
try to be happy
cornered in life
trapped and melacholy

i can do so much better than this
just don't know if it's even worth it
so worn from living like this
just don't say shit to me
eddie monster paridise is a place
in the mind
we've all been there
from time to time
it's not that
hard to find
it's a memory from
last weekend
just hanging out
with all your friends
my shangri-la
lies within
created by all
the best things in my life
sleezeballeddie poor mans paradise 020726
phil today 020729
eddie monster how could you say that
to me every day
how does something so carnal
just go away
i can't understand
cause to me
your love is still dear
and being a fool
is what i most fear
so i act like i don't care
about anything at all
my eyes tell the true story
as they reflect in the mirror
you have to see it
you must not care
eddie monster it's all the same
she's so different
it's a shame
i couldn't tell

knew your name
tasted your passion
left in the morning
it could have lasted

dark hair
green eyes
scarred lip
moist thighs

couldn't tell
you were an empty hole
lingering on
your after taste
eddie what a lonely blue void we inhabit
imaginary bodies
imaginary friends
left to imagine
unhinged oh but the support you give me
it isn't imaginary
thank you for making this blue
eddie if i could only take this word
that means so much
stick it in my mouth
and chew it up
if i could only rule the world
you live in
i could end everything
i could make destiny bend
eddie monster i can't take back anything and wouldn't if i could
my squinting eyes don't decieve me
flushed with the color of blood
the feathers in my stomach tickle nerves running threw my fists
my tongue in a vice of porcelain
while you lie in your own piss
i'm losing to the animosity
twisted into something i can't stand to be
don't strike a nerve
inside of me
unleash my hatefull extasy
can't buy time once my whole world goes red
you're probably better off ...
eddie monster likes to see you 021020
eddie monster go get some 021209
what's it to you?
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