typhoid after being out in the cold
i come in
my face and hands feel so warm
i feel good.
(drinking tea outside a cafe)
gigaphairy I have become like they are... 000719
if we could talk the transition zone. a lot of reactions occur there... it would be quite foolish to map them all out.

but some of us will. some day. when we're ready. supposedly. maybe. from the very tip-top of my brain: i don't know.
Raina the process of transfering energy and or emotion from one subject to another.

I am in a period of this right now. Trying to stop being so negative, but it's hard.

I'm trying...
jane the difference between
a girl
a woman

the ability
to stand up
for oneself
. . 040226
. . 040302
white wave saying bye for now i must make the smooth transition from blathering to doing something very very different. 040302
.fallen jesus christ! how many times are you gonna say good-bye ... I've seriously restrained myself several times ... don't make me tell you how I really feel..... leave or stay, I don't care just please stop stop whining about it ....

and no, I am not threatening the poor white_wive, I am just stating how I feel...
.fallen and as for transitions.... starting to believe it is all a transition period .... moving forward in life kind of keeps you going from one crossroad to another .... kind of beautiful .... transitions don't always have to be filled with turmoil but some of the best ones are ....

yesterday I was ....
today I am ...
tomorrow I will be ...

brings a smile to my lips, it does.
.fallen typo checks herself white_wive was supposed to read white_wave ... yes I make typos, oh no! 040302
white_wave you see things in black or white. leave or stay? that's not the question. i wish you wouldn't be disturbed when i say "goodbye". i say that when i leave for a day at work. that doesn't mean i don't come back tommorrow. so if i have to choose between leave or stay, i will be staying. so i guess goodbye and see ya 'all later is more appropriate... 040302
.fallen yes, dear...I am disturbed by you saying good-bye .... that was the point I was trying to make, glad you understood that.... heh ... o.k., I'm done ... really don't feel like picking on anybody ..... 040302
white_wave your point was clearly understood.

but did you happen know how many blathes were created actually use the word goodbye in them?

to me, goodbye is more of a metaphor than something to be taken literally...
hyena and what is it a metaphor for, o she who has threatened to quit blather countless times? 040304
oldephebe yes let's surgically and fastidiously attack/distill that bit of phenomenological mastication meat why don't we? 040309
oldephebe she asked "how familiar are you with the klingonese cuisine? and i ran and ran and ran... 040312
white_wave i'll take a taste of of any of it, as long as they serve Romulan ale... 040312
oldephebe well yes i suppose the romulan ale would pretty much anesthetize me to the writhing and snarling feral meal glaring up at me from the plate...but still.. 040312
nighean_siofra from here to there
thought to opinion
love to hate
hate to love
close the doors
and open the windows
i want to see the sky
fly fly fly
high away
across the sun
and into shadow
move quickly
leave this place behind
you're in a transition
it'll all be over soon.
ever dumbening my stomach, bones, and nerves don't like all this shifting. they never have. 100608
lostgirl change is healthy as long as truth and honesty are in charge.

this change in attitude is causing me to slowly cross a bridge i'm afraid to traverse. i fear the unknown, the new, the changing reality i face. its as if i'm walking into a dream fully aware, awake, eyes wide open. i'm trying to remain brave but careful and always in control; that's all i can ask of myself. what's beyond beckons, while the sameness of life as it is, though it's a comfort zone, it is just not enough anymore.

there is no going back. i'm needed on the other side.

and likewise, i'm seeing that i need more than what is presently comfortable, and that knowledge keeps me progressing forward.
unhinged breathe_in

all of a sudden
we find ourselves back at the beginning

(has been reading the zen lately)
what's it to you?
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